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Is it fair to be marking OCR GCSE Controlled Assessment over Xmas Hols?

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by BAST1000, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. Is there anyone else out there who has carried a dark cloud over them this festive season??

    I teach top set (29 students) they all have worked incredibly hard to complete this exam before Xmas for entry in Jan 2012. Since the word limit was guidance this year, they have written so much (too much!)

    It has taken me 4.5 hours to mark 5 units which equates to less than 2 students, 27 to go...

    Worried sick that I will not get them finished and therefore will be spending New Year's Eve and Day marking them.

    Is it reasonable for a school to expect staff to assess during their holiday - the busiest one??
  2. glynmanton

    glynmanton New commenter

    Marking CA is the teachers responsibility - although as no feedback needs to be given - we give ourself 6 months before we submit. The question is why select the Jan 2012 window if this is so tight?

    Can you not speak to your line manager about tips on time it takes and how to reduce? As you go through other candidates time should reduce- Remember their is no need to give feedback only prove your judgements.

    Including annotation surely this should be at a rate of 3 an hour- i.e. 8 hours.

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