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Is it Cheeky to Call re: The February 14th Deadline?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Cherrie163, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,

    I was thinking about calling and asking if Marjon were sticking to the February 14th deadline but want them to think I'm being rude. Waiting is absolutely killing me know. My friend had an interview for PGCE Primary on Friday and got her unconditional today! It's torture! xxx
  2. Hi cherrie. I rang IOE this morning who have a 16th feb deadline. They said if they haven't made a decision about me by then and need more time to consider, they will contact gttr and put a STOP on my application. then gttr will contact you if you want them to still consider you or move onto your next choice. so if you ring, they will probably tell you the same thing - they are working towards that deadline but might not make it! if you see what i mean. but could still ring if you want, thats just what im guessing they'll say to you. definitely torture! x
  3. I was actually thinking this because if they don't reply, I think GTTR just record it as unsuccessful. Worried they've forgotten about me/won't put it on 'stop'.

  4. Hi,
    Really had my hopes on knowing this week, as I have done every week since the end of Jan.
    I have no signal at work and so can't ring in the day, has anyone contacted Marjon since the news on Tuesday that we may know in a few days. I am going to try to get out at lunch and phone on Monday. Sorry to moan, I just feel so disheartened I wonder if this will continue for weeks. Positive note - the sun has been shining today and it is Friday!! :)
    Does anyone know how they decide, if they score people then surely this would have been done already. I wonder if the problem (since receiving the figures) has been how to divide the numbers across courses rather than choosing students?

    Love TES by the way, this forum is so useful and the articles are great for getting the cogs turning!! x
  5. Hi,

    Did you know that the deadline has been extended from 14th Feb to 28th Feb so training providers now have longer to make their decisions before letting GTTR know? It's on the student section of the GTTR website. Don't want to be the bearer of bad tidings but the wait could continue for a while longer yet!
  6. What an absolute f***ing joke! Just phoned marjon to be told that they've only recently been told their numbers and still don't know numbers for definite so are in negotiations with the tda like all the other training providers in the country!! When I said I knew for definite that Plymouth and Exeter, plus lots of others around the uk are giving out firm offers, she said that that's unusual!!!!!! Said that they're really hoping it will be this week!!!!! Hoping?? I'm so screwed, I think I'm just going to withdraw my application and forget it.. I'll just get a normal job when I graduate instead of this ****.
  7. L2T


    I don't know why they've bothered to mess around with the whole system this year! I know it's a new government, so they're doing things their way and trying to save the country from it's mounting debt, but they really have not thought about the implications and have just rushed into trying to alter the system.
    Why not let the 2011/2012 cohort continue like it was doing - ie everyone would know if they had a place or not by now, and then change it for those applying for 2012/2013?
    Crazy government!!
  8. Oh dear...I'm still waiting for Marjon too. Im not too pushed to hear yet though, i mean dont get me wrong i would love to know right now this very second that i have a place or not. I just think that all providers are stressed and pushing themselves to let us know what is going on.
    Not meaning to be rude but - why are you thinking of withdrawing? Ive seen a couple of people saying that and am a bit confused...why would withdrawing your application be better than waiting to see if your on the course or not?
  9. It's not rude lol! I'm thinking of withdrawing because I have to make plans. I have two children under 2 so if I'm not studying this coming year then I need to get a job which means I have to put my children in paid childcare which means I still won't earn any money because all my wages will go on childcare.. I'm in a ridiculous position that I didn't think I'd be in and I hate being in limbo, I have to know so I can sort stuff out! I've been waiting since 10th November to find out about my place and I just can't stand the not knowing really!!
  10. Ah I see. I know where your coming from though, im feeling pressured to find a job at the moment but dont really want to get one if im gonna quit it within the next few months if i get a place. But im just floating at the moment with a small amount of part time work. As long as no big bills come up in the near future I should be ok (touch wood).
    I'm glad you didnt think i was being rude asking - im always cautious as to what i put on forums as i know the typed word can differ from what you actually ment! :)

  11. I have just phoned marjon and they said hoping to get results out this week
  12. Coolbeans! Thanks Sam - are you Primary or Secondary? [​IMG]
  13. No problem i've resisted ringing for a while now. Im primary. What are you? I also said to them that I had my interview 10 weeks ago! lol

  14. I'm Primary too! I had my interview on the 7th January, my friend who was interviewed on the same day was rejected weeks ago so i'm still clinging onto hope :)
  15. Coo bean. I have a friend who was interviews that day and rejected too. So fingers crossed for some fab news this week then it's half tterm to celebrate!

  16. My thoughts exactly! Then we can all start getting to know each other without the stress! :) xxx
  17. Hi MrsK2806,
    ust to let you know, it is only primary that has heard from Plymouth. I have applied for secondary. I was in the first batch to be interview 2nd of Decemeber and I am still wait, so not everyone. Hopefully secondary students will hear soon.
    I think maybe they have an earler deadline for primary than they do secondary!?
    good luck atleast you know we should know by 28th Feb! thats something.

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