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Is it appropriate for a group of governors to meet without the Hea

Discussion in 'Governors' started by WinifredHoltby, Aug 30, 2018.

  1. WinifredHoltby

    WinifredHoltby New commenter

    Context - Secondary school with incredibly poor GCSE and Post-16 outcomes- poor last year but even worse this year. (Less than 10% Level 5+ En and Ma). School was predicting much better both years. A message has come from the Chair to say a group of governors have requested a meeting without any staff governors present, including the Head.

    It will not be a formal, minuted meeting. It will take place off school premises.

    There was some unrest earlier in the summer as we suspected predictions were going to be poor and the Head of Science did a presentation about his predictions and actions taken and impact which was dreadful. Deputy Head responsible for outcomes was there and also seemed not ontop of things.

    Ofsted overdue so likely to arrive.

    Should we be meeting without the Head being aware?
  2. dts

    dts Occasional commenter

    The only reason I can see for such a meeting would be to establish whether or not the governors still have confidence in the Head to carry out their job.
  3. WinifredHoltby

    WinifredHoltby New commenter

    I imagine - but am not certain- it is because they want to express concerns more freely than they feel able to in GB meetings. The Head may be one of their concerns. I would be surprised. The last Head left because of pressure from the LA and results were better but still poor then.
    It is a very small school in a very deprived area with a structural deficit budget. It has an academy order but no academy chain is interested. The Head is dynamic and knowledgable but the SLT is weaker. GB is very aware of the pressures on the school. In the bottom 10% most deprived schools in the country. I don't know where we would find a stronger Head. I have taken advice from the LA who have said the meeting is appropriate. The Head knows it is happening.

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