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Is it all doom and gloom

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by Kennedy84, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. I am doing a PGCE in September, but I have been reading this NQT form to get an idea of life after the PGCE. Is it all as bad as these threads suggest? The stories here have really put me off teaching at all!

    I know it will be very tough, and I am totally prepared to be working all the hours sent, but surely there must be some positive experiences?!

    thanks, a very nervous pre-PGCE er.
  2. Be prepared for the joke that is job hunting when you finish- it's bad now, and the realist in me would forecast it will only get worse.
    I think I have been lucky- I'll have 2 terms of NQT completed by the summer.
    Now though, it's looking highly unlikely I'll be employed to finish this as my contract is fixed term. There are oodles of Primary teachers looking for jobs in Worcestershire, and beyond. And from what I read and see, being good enough for the job is NOT good enough to get you the job. It's all to do with money. As most things often are.
  3. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    If your not giving up a job then go for it, you've nothing to loose. It is hard work and there are very few jobs so if you are giving up a career you may want to rethink. However if you can cope with the stress and do find a job then the rewards outweigh the misery. xx
  4. Just keep an eye on the pensions issues, a lot of people are thinking of leaving before the pensions are changed, I know of two already. With regard to the PGCE, I finished mine yesterday, it is hard but its also a great opportunity, lets face it nothing worth having comes easy anyway.
    Stop worrying, go for it and enjoy it :)

  5. You need to bear in mind that you won't get a balanced view from looking at a forum, because people are more likely to post if they need help etc. People won't come on and say they are having a great time etc, partly as they don't want to be unfeeling to those who are having a bad time and partly down to human nature. I'm sure there are lots of positive experiences.
    I am a NQT and absolutely love my job. I have got a much better work life balance now and have several evenings where I don't work and I don't work much at the weekend (except for now with the APP, reports etc). I came to this late and spent years doing 9-5 jobs that I hated. I love the autonomy you get with having your own class. Plus the fact you get to feel you are doing something worthwhile. It was hard at the beginning and this year has been a big learning curve, but I think it is a great job and wouldn't want to do anything else.
  6. Providing you actually work in a school that allows you to....
  7. It is not all doom and gloom. There are many good schools out there and many many good and supportive head teachers and mentors.
    It worth remembering that any forum such as this will, as pointed out above, attract much more negative comment and posts than positive as the very nature of the forum is about problems and how to resolve them.
  8. Yes, absolutely appreciate this, hence why I'm asking for positive anecdotes! :)

    Thanks all for your comments. I am unfortunately giving up a job (and possibly other things) to undertake the PGCE, however I do not for one moment regret leaving my job, and I am normally certain that teaching is what I want to do.

    I am not worrying too much about pensions as I have an NHS pension anyway so there are much the same issues going on.

    Of course I am worrying as it is a big change, but I am trying to stay positive. Thanks all for your reassurance and advice.
  9. No! I am due complete on the 4th July in secondary English. Every one said it would be the hardest year of my life, I would have no social life or sleep and I would spend most of it crying. I had trouble passing the numeracy test (4th time luck!) but that was the most stressful thing for me as I have a fear of numbers haha it really wasn't the worst year at all. I didn't stay up all night at any point because u was willing to stay at school late on weekdays. I did end up plannin most weekends though which was annoying but I hope I get better with that next year. I have got a job in a fantastic school and can't wait to start. I was never an A grade student but I'm very passionate and like to see things through and if you want it you will get it!
  10. NQT last year and totally love my job. Hardly ever plan at weekends or evening. Just stay for a while after school. Now i have been made a lead practicioner. Every day feel happy about what i am doing. Like you i left a job In the NHS. There are NQTs who just get on with it and others that panic and flap. The former rarely post on here
  11. I was working as a TA and then went on to do the GTP. During my NQT year I have worked at 2 schools on two temporary contract. Loved the first school but the second school wasn't for me, however I haven't had a miserable time. It has been tough and hard work but then the NQT year is tough and hard work. I have only cried once during the year (not bad as I cried a few times during the GTP).
    I loved my first school and first class. I didn't really want to leave but as it was a maternity cover I had to. Second school is a very challenging school on a council estate with a very low (and I mean low, one or two people low) ethnic mix, which is unusual for me as I trained in a city. Lots of difficult kids. There are lots of reasons why this school is not for me and the school being challenging doesn't really come in to it.
    I have gained a job for September in a school I think I will be very happy with because the head's philosophy is closer to my own but is also realistic, unlike the vision at my present school.
    I am still loving teaching and my job, despite the challenges this year has throw at me.
    I think you also have to remember that on forums people generally post more for help or if things are going wrong, so perhaps the picture is quite skewed. That said, my year hasn't been perfect and personally I have found the whole induction process a waste of time, but I wonder how much of that is down to the fact I did GTP and have experience in schools prior to teaching so have spent time in a school over a year so there was very little that was really new to me as an NQT. One colleague a year further down the line to me said I came across as more experienced than him and didn't speak like an NQT.
    I think induction is a bit of a lottery personally and don't feel like I have made the best use of mine - and I do regret that but don't really know what else I could have done. I had fantastic support and a fantastic mentor at my first school and I was a priority for him - we had weekly appointments and reviews. I had a detailed CPD programme of what i was doing when. At my second school, my mentor has been lovely and alongside another support colleague in my year group, I have been given a lot of day to day support and people who listen, but my progress has only been reviewed termly as required and I have only been able to observe others twice and apart from the normal whole school staff meetings/INSET there has been no other CPD avilable and the LAs I have worked with have offered no induction package for NQTs and ongoing training. Had I worked for the other neighbouring LA (the one I am going back to in September) I would have recieved a package consisting of 6 NQT training days throughout the year, which I think would have been very useful.
  12. Bobby, I am really glad to hear that you have got a job for September, as I know you haven't had the greatest time at your second school this year. Is it a temp contract, or a permanent position?
    It sounds like you have got lots to look forward to in your new school. Well done for hanging in there with your present school. I think I have had an easier time as I got my job at my GTP school, so, as you say, it was all familiar and I knew the support was there. Mind you they still don't give me all my NQT time, I think because they don't really see me as an NQT as I have been teaching there so long.
  13. Hopefully not with any responsibility for English.
  14. It all depends! My PGCE year was hard obvisouly and we all had personal problems on top, but out of it came a good solidarity witin our friendship group, and we are still very close friend! It's also a lot of fun, not just a lot of work!
    Begin of NQT year was horrible, came in a dreadful school without any sort of support etc. I changed of school to be a cover supervisor, which was my "last attempt to do some sort of job in a school before working at tesco". I ended up in this absolutly fantastic school, was given a lot of classes to teach rather than cover, finish my NQT calmly, no stress, lots of support...
    Teaching is a hard job, and yes it is more and more difficult to get a job, but for me, all the little joys it brings, are worth it! My very own classes, with some groups being just so amazingly brilliant, so funny, so clever, so hardworking, the ones that you know you'll be sad to see them leaving at the end of year 11... it compensate for the "silly" groups and I wouldn't do any other job in the world, even for a million pounds!
    It all depends I think on the type of school where you end up doing your NQT and in my experience, the PGCE does not really prepare you for job hunting and recognising a school where you will be miserable. If I had know, I would have used more time during my placements analysing what I enjoyed or not in this specific school, to be more aware of the type of school environment that suits me!
  15. I agree it depends on the school you are in. My PGCe year was spent in two really good schools with no behavioural issues. My current school although outstanding is inner city and very diverse withthe full range of kids and problems. I have had very little support. I have found it tough and am beginning to think its not for me. However thats <u>JUST ME</u>. As other people have said things get posted here by people like me who are having a hard time. The majority are OK and cope well enough. I am going to give it another go and try and find the right school for me, which I think due to my background in higher education is an FE college.
  16. Sing up, it is another temp contract but with a view to becoming perm at the end of the year as the school's numbers are increasing. Very few perm jobs in the area at the moment. I think schools are hedging their bets and even had I stayed at my current school it would have been another temp contract for a year so no worse off and much closer to home as well as being happier at a school that suits me better.
    I haven't hapted my second school but it has been much harder than my first for a variety of reasons which I won't go in to, but the up side is, I have learned a great deal that i can draw on in the future and I have also learned a lot about behaviour management and myself and the kind of school I want to work in.

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