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Is hong kong the place to get a great wage?

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by histweb, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. I won't lie, I am tempted by the idea of large wages abroad.

    Hong Kong seems to be quite lucrative - is this the top of the league so to speak?!!
  2. Karvol

    Karvol Occasional commenter

    You can get a great wage in most places in the world.
    The question you should ask yourself, is the L'Oreal one.
    Are you worth it?
  3. Or as Cheryl would say 'Iz tha' wuth et?' Ashley doesn't seem to think so...
    Yes, big bucks in HK, but at £17.50 a pint of average local ale, pretty pricey living.

  4. Staffo

    Staffo New commenter

    Foneypharoah, where do you go drinking?! It's about £2 a pint in my local, the usual draught international lagers, or a nice pint of Tsing Tao.
    That said, drinking out is one of the big expenses, as is accommodation, but tranport and food are cheap.
  5. I'm impressed by a two pound pint. I buy mine by the tin in 7-11 and hardly get it at that rate. Most bars would be around five to eight pounds a pint full price, happy hour is better.

    Hong Kong salaries are high because Hong Kong is an expensive place to live. You can live here fairly cheaply but rent is the real sting. If you are on your own or a couple you can find a reasonable, albeit, small flat in town for 25-40% of your salary. Move out of town, spend more time travelling, be somewhere less convenient and your money goes further. Rent allowances vary with employers.

    Food is noticeably more expensive in the supermarkets as it is imported, not devastating but 30-50% more than you could buy it for in a Western country. Eating out varies from very cheap to incredibly expensive. Depends on your tastes/standards.

    I'm happy here, I spend more than I would like but then I save a lot more than I ever did in the UK. My only gripe is housing, quality housing costs a lot. I have no plans to leave.

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