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Is Geography a safe bet over English?

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by 1FineDay, Aug 12, 2015.

  1. 1FineDay

    1FineDay New commenter


    I'm currently working as a TA in a secondary school (a fantastic one it must be added). Recently my head said he would like me to become a teacher and agreed to fund an OU degree. I am over the moon and will start in October.

    My problem is that I can't decide between Geography and English. I much prefer Geography lessons over English lessons: the subject matter, the energy in the classroom and the flexibility of how the subject can be delivered. Yet, English is a core subject, so would that make it more of a safe subject?

    I suppose I am looking for assurance that Geography will be an important subject for many years to come, and that the government won't suddenly decide it isn't quite as important as other subjects. I know English will always be secure, and since I also have an interest in English, I wonder all things considered, which would be the right choice.

    I have a matter of days to make this decision, thanks for any opinions you can offer.

  2. Snoopy1975

    Snoopy1975 New commenter

    Personally, I'd do the subject you prefer. Do the one you feel a passion for. Teaching is hard and so is planning but it is infinitely harder if you're not really into the subject you're teaching.

    I hear what you say about English being a core subject, but you're about to start a long journey that is definitely easier if you love your subject.

    If you're having a tough time (and you will at some point!), it is SO much harder if you don't really like what you're teaching.

    Good luck!
  3. 1FineDay

    1FineDay New commenter

    Thanks very much for your thoughts. I think you make sense.

    It is perhaps unwise that I have opted for an English Language and Literature degree. We shall see, but it came down to what I thought I could offer the students. I feel I was perhaps judging the two subjects based on the personalities of their respective teachers (the Geography teacher has a superb energy whereas the English teacher is more... grounded?)

    I just hope I get in before a Masters is required to become qualified, which my head reckons will be the case soon.

    Thanks again!
  4. tollolo

    tollolo New commenter

    If you don't have a Geography degree, I imagine some (but not all) schools would prejudice that against you. There are MANY more jobs in English, plus more than a few schools pick up Geography with 'humanities specialists'.

    You might enjoy an MA: I'll be amazed if an MA would be required - would be a great step forward for the profession.

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