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Is Egypt a risky place to go to in 2011 contractwise

Discussion in 'Teaching overseas' started by bt0558, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. Anyone in or been to Egypt in 2011 and can give a view.
    I understand the employment situation has changed recently possibly making employing foreign teachers more problematic and there are to be elections later in the year.
    Is it wise/unwise for a foreign teacher to take on a new job in Egypt in September pending any changes that might come about post election.
    I appreciate that one can do their best to mitigate any losses etc but can anyone give advice about going to Egypt in September.
    General safety etc are not an issue.
  2. bigfatgit

    bigfatgit Occasional commenter

    First of all, the elections have been postponed until 'at least October / November' so schools will start as normal. There was talk of SCAF (Supreme Council of Armed Council) postponing all schools until after the elections but that is not happening now
    The only thing that has changed regarding employment is a clampdown on people working on tourist visas. This should not be a problem if you work for a school that provides you with a work permit / residency (although you may be asked to enter the country on a tourist visa, have your AIDS test and then they will sort out every thing officially - this is commom). If you give me a clue to your school, I may be able to tell what they do regarding work permits
    If your school does not provide a proper work permit then it is possible that you will be arrested, fined and deported <u>if</u> they raid your school. At the moment, the only place that I have heard about being raided is Festival City - a large shopping/leisure complex being built in New Cairo - and all the ex-pats 'went for lunch' just before the raid.
    Technically, all ex-pats are in Egypt to train their replacements and the last minister of employment promised to rid the country of all foreigners who were 'undercutting the pay of Egyptians'. As local government teachers earn about &pound;40-00 a month, I don't think that that really applies to ex-pat teachers. It does, however, make you wonder why they raided Festival City
  3. Alphaalpha

    Alphaalpha New commenter

    I totally agree with BFG. If it is one of the reputable school, no probs as they have the work permit thing under control - it does involve a fair bit of legwork now, but certainly my school is on top. As BFG said, give us a clue and we may be able to advise. BTW, I like the new edit facility!
  4. Why, what did you change?

  5. Alphaalpha

    Alphaalpha New commenter

    Having posted, and I haven't for a while, I added "BTW, I like the new edit facility!" Having a good summer??

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