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Is DiDA dead?

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by gavcradd, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. gavcradd

    gavcradd New commenter

    I believe that Edexcel are pushing all ex-DiDA centres towards their GCSE. It is remarkably similar in so many way - coursework is set via an SPB, work is assessed on screen and then submitted electronically, you can be approved via OSCA, etc, etc. In fact the only real difference is that there's also an exam to contend with.
    I like the Nationals, not because of any perceived "easiness" but becuase of the massive choice of modules to choose from, the way it's moderated and how much my students enjoy it. They virtually doubled the amount of work needed for GCSE equivalence the last time they were revamped, it looks like this time they'll also include at least one exam, yet people still take peverse pleasure in doing them down. I for one hope it carries on, Nationals are the best ICT qualification I've delivered in my 9 years of teaching.
  2. Edexcel sent out an online questionnaire a couple of months ago asking about thoughts re DiDA. It may not be dead yet but they seemed to be considering ways to make it fit Gove's straight jacket about what will count and what won't. Personally I enjoy teaching DIDA (and I teach, not just to the SPB) and would be sad to see it go.
  3. I think the premise is a false one. DIDA is not dead. It still has a few years of certification. Plus it appears that Edexcel may indeed be thinking of a new DIDA by their recent questionnaire to centres.
    I'd argue it is insane to be offering a level 2 course to year 9s. Haven't you heard of the new rules which are coming in; the assessments must come at the end of a 2 year KS4. The days of offering ICT qualifications in year 9 ARE OVER. The government has had enough of those games! Do you see all your other subject areas in school offering Y9 L2 courses? Of course not. And it won't be allowed to happen in the future.
    I'm sorry to say that the O/P isn't understanding that times-are-a-changing. The 'OCR national' era is over, its a whole new ball game with the governments new rules.
  4. So, how sure are you that an OCR National starting in Yr9 and going over two years can not be completed at the end of Yr10?

  5. We (our SMT) have started KS4 last year in y9 with many subjects offering GCSEs over Y9 & Y10, though I have gone for Creative Imedia and some have gone for BTECs. They then pick up a fewer number of other GCSEs (with double the time per week) in Y11. Students will have enough GCSEs for 5+/eBac, plus have a variety of other qualifications on top.
    In the main it does seem to be working.

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