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Is anyone using Exploring Maths KS3?

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by soux, Nov 10, 2011.

  1. soux

    soux New commenter

    Can anyone tell me how this scheme works?
    There are 7 student books for KS3. How does this fit over years 7, 8 and 9?


  2. strawbs

    strawbs Established commenter

  3. The books are level based. Pupils start in year 7 on a book that corresponds to their current KS2 attainment. They then move up one book at the end of the year. Thus it is possible for pupils in years 7 , 8 & 9 all to be using book 4 whilst others use the others in the range. Sometimes the suugested entry point is ambitious and we moved down a book level.
    If teaching follows the book structure and rather than a school SOW difficulties can occur when pupils change set at the end of the year - either repeating a book or missing one out. Also it is difficult to move pupils part way through the year as books don't cover topics at the same time. The exercises are based on a "have a taste" of a topic and then come back for more later, which means pupils don't get tired of doing the same thing. Sometimes the exercises need supplementing or spending more than one lesson on. Questions are varied and later ones in the exercise sometimes tackle the topic from a different angle to provide variety.
    The teachers guides provide full lesson plan for each exercise and there are whiteboard resources to support. There are also linked homework books.
    The books are large (and heavy if carrying around a class set!) and well set out. Pupils enjoy using them.
  4. swampyjo

    swampyjo New commenter

    If anyone is using Exploring Maths, I have produced pupil booklets for self RAG assessment. Each main learning objective for each 'unit' is included. I have done this for book 4 and 5. May get round to doing the same for book 3 later in the year.

    PM me if you would like a copy.

  5. ameliabadelia

    ameliabadelia New commenter

    Thank you, you have post.


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