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Is anyone out there a new SENCo?

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by NQT1986, Sep 26, 2015.

  1. NQT1986

    NQT1986 Occasional commenter

    I have a few questions I wondered if anyone could answer for me!?

    1. Where are you doing the SENCo award and how do you find it in terms of workload/usefulness? How many day courses does it involve? Is it a year long course and can you fail it!!?

    2. How many days release time do you get for the SENCo role and how big is your school?

    3. Are you SLT?

    4. Do you feel like you know what you are doing!?
  2. minnie me

    minnie me Star commenter

    Speaking as some one who worked for a provider - to my knowledge no one ' failed ' - the course tutors would do everything to ensure that the accreditation was accessible though some colleagues coped better than others. Those with more experience have a greater understanding of the assignments set and tackled them with more confidence - makes sense ? Difficult to write about things which you may not yet have dealt with. I think colleagues like the opportunity to network but all felt pressurised by the demands of the day job and the demands of the course. Many were not on the leadership team. To be honest having the accreditation does not make you a more effective SENCo and I think that the model ( for many reasons ) is flawed.
  3. Misszippy83

    Misszippy83 New commenter


    I'm new to role, how are you getting on?

    In response to your questions, I started the SENCo course a few weeks ago and I haven't had chance to look at it, its been useful to network, but other than that not much as of yet.
    I'm secondary, 1200 ish pupils and I'm on a 50% timetable, never enough time to be honest, I don't want to loose the teaching side but somethings go to give somewhere, fairly high percentage of SEN and manage 20 LSA's,

    Not SLT and if I was don't know how I would cope with all the additional meetings, but got a close link to SLT. I know what I'm doing just don't have enough time/resources to do it all, learning a lot on the job and trying my best as we all are!
  4. NQT1986

    NQT1986 Occasional commenter

    Well, it's an uphill battle! There seems to be lots of paperwork-EHCP application, evidence gathering and then organising the conversions from statements to EHCP. How long are these forms taking everyone?!

    I worry that there won't be enough evidence for the children to qualify and then I worry about different situations eg what about evidence that's based on healthcare appointments that the parents repeatedly miss so the whole CAF process has to start again...!? Will their EHCP application just be rejected!?
  5. quidditch

    quidditch New commenter

    I took over from our part time SENCo in September at primary with over 400 students. I knew what to expect as I was Inclusion Lead at my old school so the work loads aren't too surprising. We have about 80 children currently on register, with 6 of them on S/EHCP, I'm currently applying for 3 EHCPs. I am out of class, full time and a middle leader! I am plodding along and meet weekly with the deputy in charge of inclusion which is really helpful as I know I am on track. I need to start the NASENCo and will be aiming to do it online for my own sanity as a day away would end up in a pile of drama and paperwork!

    Each EHCP has taken me about 3 weeks to write and collate. Our Borough will reject without sufficient information and we are provided with a really helpful checklist to make sure we submit enough. PM with any questions, maybe our borough checklist would help?
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  6. kimberly87

    kimberly87 New commenter

    Am currently undergoing the NASC training and am finding it challenging. Theres alot of assignment writing involved and as a ks1 teacher this isnt suiting me. But ..... the course itself is very informative. I have learnt alot in short space of time and made some great connections with professionals in simikar situations. Currently a ks1 teacher in a small primary of 36 children. Will become the senco for two small schools in january so should be interesting ......

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