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Is anyone moving to touch screens instead of interactive whiteboards?

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by Loony tunes, Sep 17, 2015.

  1. Loony tunes

    Loony tunes New commenter

    My head has decided that he wants to get replace our interactive whiteboards with touch screens. Has anyone done this? What can you recommend? What are the important things we need to consider? Thanks
  2. ccroyle

    ccroyle New commenter

    Yes we have moved to them. Far better resolution and fully responsive as before. If you use PowerPoint you will need to redo them to a ratio of 16:9. Would recommend BENQ.
  3. Speaking from a reseller perspective, this is something we are seeing a lot more of. Iiyama have a fantastic range of devices and whilst the initial outlay is likely to be more than a traditional IWB installation, the added functionality justifies the price. Happy to provide evaluation devices if you would like to trial such device prior to any commitment? Drop me a message if interested


  4. djphillips1408

    djphillips1408 New commenter

    alternatively why not get a laser projector so no bulb replacement issues long term and paint your wall with smart wall paint so you can use the entire wall as a whiteboard surface? Sure you lose the interactivity but if you really want that get a wireless slate, mouse and keyboard. Far more useful than restricting yourself to the size of the interactive screen.
  5. wanet

    wanet Star commenter

    Or use plasic sheets that simply "stick" to the wall. Never seen the need for interactive screens. can't see that the cost justifies it!
  6. madcat

    madcat Occasional commenter

    I would worry about how robust these large scale touch screens were. I would imagine that the light use they would find in business meeting rooms company training rooms etc. is fine

    But day in day out with a wide range of often clumsy/inept users(I'm talking about the staff here) in a busy classroom environment ?

    Just use "screen mirroring" much cheaper and widely available across a range of platforms . Then if the controlling device does go wrong or is broken then it is easily and cheaply replaced
  7. Loony tunes

    Loony tunes New commenter

    Thanks for your responses everyone. Lots to think about. I went to visit a couple of local schools who have two different types which has helped a lot. For those of you questioning the spend - my Head has decided he wants them and nothing (including my questioning of the need) will deter him!!!!!!
  8. spartacus123

    spartacus123 Occasional commenter

    They're great - when children don't accidentally muck up the settings so it can't be displayed.
  9. wanet

    wanet Star commenter

    For what? How do they enhance learning?
  10. colwynexile

    colwynexile Occasional commenter

    Does anyone actually use them interactively? I'm sure they'll be used a lot in the primary sector for cloze exercises and the like, but have any of the congregation ever used them interactively on a regular basis (and I don't mean just to flick over a slide)?
  11. IWB_iwb

    IWB_iwb New commenter

    Your head made the right decision, although touch screens are not budget-friendly. Touch screens have been widely used in the corporate sector. But I guess they will move into the educational sector at a rapid pace.
  12. wanet

    wanet Star commenter

    Based upon what - companies dumping surplus technologies into schools or a thought out plan as to how they will enhance learning?
  13. Penny10p

    Penny10p Occasional commenter

    I've now been teaching ICT for ten years and have never found IWBs useful at all. I have often wondered why schools have spent so much money on them. A digital projector is a must but any screen/wall will do. I'll be interested to hear how the touch screens enhance learning. There seems to be an assumption that all technology enhances learning but I'm hearing that research is showing that technology often has a negative effect.
  14. Twinklefoottoe

    Twinklefoottoe Senior commenter

    Projector yes, IWB, touchscreen NO. We must have spent £50k on them at our school. Hardly anyone use them now as that, just projectors. One of the reasons is the old problem of training. Everyone is so busy they don't have the time to search for resources to use, create their own and most importantly, keep using the boards so they are competent. There has never been any retraining at our school - most teachers hVe forgotten what little they were shown when they were installed. New teachers never get any training anyway, just told to read the manual or watch a YouTube video, but who has time for that?

    And this is the pattern for all new technology initiatives.

    My final gift to the education world, my last pearl of wisdom on this, the momentous last day of my full-time career, is to treat this suggestion of getting an interactive display as yet another initiative in a long line of pointless gimmicks and ignore it. Whoever posted this spam and the replies are nothing more than sellers of interactive TVs trying a bit of free marketing.
  15. TonyGT

    TonyGT Established commenter

    I would remain firmly of the opinion of 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it'.

    It sounds to me like the head has some money burning a hole in his pocket - possibly because it has to be gotten rid of before a new budget is announced.

    I can't see any benefit in a school setting of having a touch screen over a standard IWB. Even IWBs are largely useless. I have had several over the past 5 years and have not used the interactive features on a single one. It is a pure gimmick, cleverly sold to naive heads as a must-have item for any 21st century classroom.
  16. TonyGT

    TonyGT Established commenter

    Ha, my last message was censored because I used the words 'a hole'

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