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Is anyone else losing the will

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by geoffgoode, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. Is it me or has this government just nailed the lid shut on any subject other than English maths science humanities and a foreign language
  2. Is it me or has this government just nailed the lid shut on any subject other than English maths science humanities and a foreign language
  3. Basically YES. There is still a consulation period with DATA requiring comments etc on the white paper but frankly i think Michael Gove has already deciced what he wants, just like previous education minister they start the job with their own agenda bring in a new idea and the go.
  4. Sadly I too think we have come full circle and will once again be the cinderella subjects and the less able will come our way only.
  5. Agreed.

    It's shame that it's so hard to like a professional when the carpet is pulled from your feet and the hierarchy is re-jigged every election period.

    I don't know whether I'm coming or going - is STEM and important initiative to save the country from decline, or is that all rubbish now and we should just shut up and put with whatever calibre of student we get, as Christel suggests?

    I wish education wasn't so political.


  6. remarkably, our year 9 options numbers appear to be up this year, it seems that many of the students/parents who feel obliged (although feedback from parents at options evenings has been just as sceptical as the views posted in these forums) to opt for a language and a humanity, are feeling free to select subjects they actualy enjoy with their other 2 options...
  7. thats cheering chalky you are obviously a great dept who enthuse the kids-I just hope SLT will not persuade our parents their kids must do the ebac options -will know in a few weeks.
  8. our head has told students at options evening that they will need the english bacc to get into university!!
  9. TES Resource Team

    TES Resource Team Occasional commenter Institute Enrolment Advisor

    We are not finished yet are we?
    So if we are all still here and have jobs then lets put up a bit of a fight!!
    Design was and is my passion and that's why I decided to teach it, if we get cuts and departments are made smaller as a result, does that mean that all the fantastic ideas I see on the resource section of this site are useless? Because we are not necessarily the "first" option then are students second class? If you believe in your subject and your ability to teach it then that's what counts. There are still a great number of intiatives and competitions out there, see how quickly your Head's opinion changes when you start winning them, getting in the local paper, websites etc etc. Design technology IS important, the UK gave away Rolls Royce, stopped making the Concorde lost Jaguar. But we still have great designers James Dyson ( who believes in what you do) Jonathan Ive who designs the Apple range of products and organisations such as DATA are fighting our corner, how many of us have signed up with DATA.
    My most accomplished students have never been the first set kids, they have been the one's that have worked really hard, focussed and had someone who believed in them. Those students now study at Central Saint Martins, hold prizes for Young Engineer for Britain awards, worked with Tom Dixon and Conran.

    Spencer Herbert

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