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Is anyone else getting these scam emails?

Discussion in 'Music' started by superlocrian, Jun 15, 2011.

  1. I've been getting these scam emails for a long time and they are specifically targeted at private music teachers. Here's an example:
    I am Ann Sandra,I came across your
    advert that you are a Private Lesson Music teacher, i will like my
    children to join your private class.Kindly let me know more information
    about you and your past teaching experience.
    I have 2 children Mabel & Scott of
    12 & 15 years old,just want to know if they can join your private
    class. I will want you to let me know if you can teach teens
    beginner,because as a beginner they are also just interested in
    learning the basics.Also i will want to know your lesson charges per
    hour, because i want 16 hours for them to study this course with
    you,consist one hour lesson a day, twice in a week for 8 weeks. Please
    let me hear from you so that well make an arrangement on when to begin

    I stupidly responded to the first one a few years ago and they scam you by asking for your bank number so they can transfer their money into your account for the lessons. The person also wanted to send me money so I can pay for their daughter's flight tickets. Don't worry I ran away after they asked about bank transfers lol
    I just think its really unusual because they are targeted at us.

  2. florian gassmann

    florian gassmann Star commenter

    You will have left your email address on some bulletin board or website connected with music teaching. It won't have been picked-up from the TES site.
  3. Oh I know I have on teaching websites, I just think its unusual for people to go through the trouble of trying it on with music teachers.
  4. Also, who calls there daughter Mabel anymore?

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