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Is anyone actually enjoying teaching MFL?

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by ard, Jan 10, 2005.

  1. Thanks Laura,

    I must admit, your suggestion sounds very wise - I found my one-week placement in primary the one bit of GTP I really enjoyed - and I haven't ruled it out in the long run.


    I have to say it's people like you who keep me in the profession - I really appreciate the sound advice. I have managed to catch my mentor for a proper catch-up. On the minus side, there are still obviously major problems, and I think your interpretation of the hostility was spot on - there does seem to be a bit of insecurity, and gender appears to be part of the issue (though it shouldn't be - I was in a minority of 1 in SEN in my old job and that was problemfree)

    The plus side is that at least some concerns have been noted - the negativity of the observations, lack of support in planning, and mentor has noticed the dire effect it has had on my confidence.

    The situation is not ideal, but I am just going to try and survive the next 6 months somehow, and possibly look at other options within teaching besides secondary MFL...

    Thanks again for the practical and moral support,

  2. smoothnewt

    smoothnewt Star commenter

    Well done Charlie - you've made a start!
    Hope you can keep chipping away and make further inroads to improve the situation.
    Good luck and keep us posted!
  3. I'm teaching French as a favour to someone and I absolutely love it. Although I'm not a qualified teacher, I've been getting relevant experience for 8 years and have no illusions as to what the job entails. I've experienced many different schools, approaches and systems in Britain and have taught English in France to roughly KS2 pupils. I work in both independent and state schools and have the full spectrum of abilities and attitudes - usually in the same class - and find it satisfying, fulfulling and fun.

    Admittedly I haven't had what sounds like the pure hell of the GTP/PGCE course but I don't reckon when I do come to qualify I'll hate it that much but that's because I know what to expect.

    Teaching MFL - or any teaching, for that matter - ain't for everyone, but it is for me.
  4. I've just joined the forum today (on my only free of the week!!) and was really pleased to see this topic up for discussion- I'm in my fourth year of teaching MFL and am still undecided about whether I can do this for much longer!!!!On a good day, when the kids are motivated and you can do 'fun' stuff, ( and I'm full of energy) then I love this job. But being honest, who has the time to plan 5 amazing, inspiring lessons a day???I certainly don't! I'm always way behind on all of my work and feel that I never seem to do anything as well as I'd like to. I'd really like to try primary or teach EFL to see what it would be like. I just feel that this job is taking over my whole life!
  5. janemk

    janemk New commenter

    Speak to Londo, k-lo.
  6. Hi k-lo.

    Advice: (1) Stop trying and start TWALTing.
    (2) Apply for the JET Programme and go and
    teach English to Japanese children.
    (3)...then start TWALTing amyway!

    If you are interested in teaching in Japan I can point you in the right direction...for a price!
  7. k-lo,
    You mirrored what's in my head right now. I'm having one of those guilty days when you feel you haven't put in 150%, and it is on these days when you really wonder if I can do the guilt for the rest of my career.

    I have considered TWALTing, but then I come into all sorts of existential crises! I mean, I loved my MFL teachers when I was at school (even though they were big on TWALT, actually) and that's why I became one. Learning another language has done so much for me.

    So there's this part of me which believes that TWALTing is just a reason for them to keep paying me for breathing, and that I'm giving a lot of kids a raw deal.

    Do others get the same impression?
  8. TWALTing is most definately the only way to lead a normal life outside of school. Why should we spend hours outside of school planning amazing lessons that you just know your vile Y9s are going to rip to shreds whilst friends with 'normal jobs' are sitting in the pub/watching tv/having a life? Make them copy off the board. Use textbooks as much as possible. Make them draw and colour in. Anything to keep you sane. The kids who want to learn will still learn as much vocab and will have a better environment to do so because the teacher has the time to control the little ******* who never learn anything anyway.
  9. You must remember, though, that TWALT is only TWALT when you couldn't give a sh1t about the CLT crappy activities that you 'teach'. If you are a believer in the methodology and you are spending hours making all sorts of creative, colourful, twee little gimmicks to enhance your classes, instead of being down at the local and getting a few pints down your Gregory, then you are not a TWALT. You are a **** to be sure, to be sure, but you are not a TWALT!

    There is nothing wrong with TWALT. TWALT is a silent and very satisfying protest against the sh1t methodology that we are all forced into using to keep the higher echeleons happy and the chavs in check. CLT is not a viable methodology, as any language teacher knows, but open protests will get you nowhere! If you are in ESL (like I am) where you have to answer to non-linguists who advocate any old **** that Krashen, Chomsky and their ilk churn out because it supports the 'magic' methodologies that ESLers are fobbing off on the gullible and unsuspecting armies of wannabe English speakers (you know, the ones they turn into pidgin English speakers through their confusing grammar-free, topic-based, target-language taught methodology!). The way I see it, this methodology is beneath contempt and deserves to be ridiculed and taken advantage of! Whether you prepare a lesson with gusto and spend two weeks making personalised, laminated playing cards for one class, arrange a disco light show, book performing seals and a three-ring circus and do the whole lesson on ice to boot, at your expense, the actual language learning outcomes won't be any different than they would have been had you run off a few copies of a colouring sheet! The point is - cut the ****!

    The most unfair thing about CLT is the fact that it denies a quality learning experience to the pupils who really want to learn the language! Admittedly they are few and far between, especially in the UK, but they are there, and this forum is ful of them. Luckily I wasn't subjected to all this cobblers at school. My MFL teachers had enough about them to teach us properly all those years ago now, in spite of the GCSE just coming into being. I wish my Latin teacher had done what he knew was right instead of following a methodology that he admityed he didn't agree with! I think that the really interested pupils are turned off by all the silly and colouring in. I know I would have been! The interested pupils are the only ones who will learn from the CLT lessons, if they are not too bored by the inane activities or too insulted that they are being fobbed off with pathetic gimmicks reminiscent of Pavlov's experiments with salivating dogs, that is! The real irony lies in the fact that the ones who are interested don't need all the silly games, colouring and vacuous **** to learn anyway! They would be happy to learn the language properly and much better off for it in the end! The system is doing such pulils out of that experience, but it is up to us to make our own protests, not that you will get anywhere as they fall on deaf ears. This, TWALT was born!
  10. YES! I couldn't agree more. "Cut the ****" - exactly.
  11. OMG the TES deleted T.W.A.T. from my post!
    Well, it's there now, for all to see!
  12. I am doing MFL primary and I absolutely love teaching it. The kids are extremely enthusiastic and love learning another language. Maybe once MFL has been fully implemented in Primary schools, secondary teachers may find it a little better.

  13. janemk

    janemk New commenter

    Re post 28, last sentence - Is that "This T**T was born" or "Thus, TWALT was born"?? Apart from your usual typos you were on form today, Londo! And I missed it. Been out all day, ALL DAY teaching!! No DoSsing for me today!
  14. Yet mang!
  15. janemk

    janemk New commenter

    Ta much!
  16. janemk is a troll!
  17. janemk

    janemk New commenter

    Pot, kettle! I am not! You're ******. We have had this conversation many times before and I would be grateful if you would not keep saying it due to the fact that people are paranoid enough as it is. I am only janemk and have only ever been janemk. Thankyou.
  18. Fur cough!
  19. having watched this forum from afar for months, I must say that (now I am ******) Londo seems to dominate this mfl forum. ?This is by no means a negative thing as I am a big fan of the TWAlting. You go londo, what a rare and wonderful species you are. PLease take into consideration the drunkness as meaninglessness of this posting.hmmm
  20. Very clever miss sb, or should I say 'janemk' in yet another of her many guises! This time she has created one to support her view that I dominate this forum because I accused her of trying to take over before. Bit bloody obvious isn't it janemk? So when is the Mollari clone going to pop up again? I'm starting to miss her!

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