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Is anybody using VocabExpress?

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by moonlight35, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. My child in year 9 is using it and loves it.
    I just wonder if the language is a bit random (the way it is organized or even some of the BLOCKED EXPRESSION and whether it is expensive. I have checked the Spanish KS3.
    Any feed-back on it is appreciated.

  2. Me again, why has blocked expression come up and in capitals. I think my original message said expressions.
    I am puzzled!
  3. Listo83

    Listo83 New commenter

    We use it for Year 10+11. It costs £3/pupil/language/year. I set a selection of blocks each week for a vocab test. Works quite well!
  4. henriette

    henriette New commenter

    never heard of it in 20+ years
  5. HelenMyers

    HelenMyers New commenter

    It is a recent product, Henriette. The company approached us some time ago to trial the product. . they deliberately didn't want to to launch it until it had been 'tried and tested'. We have now bought it (yearly subscription .. will work out cheaper the more students you have ..) .. and we are really pleased with it. Vocabulary lists for each of the GCSE exam boards and many text books, organised into 'chunks' for learning. Pupils score marks for accurately spelling the block of words from the target language into Enlgish, then double points for translating from English into the target language. These points can be displayed on a group scoreboard to encourage competition. (And it has really worked for us).
    Developments have included:
    - adding extra vocab lists (e.g. we can now use it with Y7-9 as the Expo lists have been added - we are about to use it with 6th form groups as A level lists have been added))
    - adding sound (I think all the GCSE words now have sound)
    - adding pictures (this is work in progress)
    Normally I don't recommend resources which you have to pay for annually.. but here I can see that there is a need to maintain the 'management system' .. pupils can access it all from home . and I can also see how the company is reacting to suggestions and developing it further e.g. some pupils find the demand for accuracy too great .. so they created a 'multichoice' version.
    I'd definitely recommend it.

  6. Helen,
    Thank you for that very extensive and useful review.
  7. There was something that I found annoying and is that there is no flexibility with English. We did not get the answer right because we kept of typing I am (vegetarian) and the programme would only accept I'm.
  8. HelenMyers

    HelenMyers New commenter

    Happy to help!
    The great thing about IT products is that they can be changed so easily. Just let Vocabexpress know. (Although I think it may make the word cards a bit too 'wordy' if they have to accept 'I'm' as well as 'I am' as the alternatoves/ option salway sappear on the initial flashcard.
    They introduced the multichoice option because of feedback from my pupils. To avoid getting irritated meanwhile, I suggest that you really take time to look at the 'syntax' at the presentation stage .. check what is and is not accepted.
    Another fiurther suggetsion I will make is that there is some form of 'escape' if learners have pressed the 'test' too soon. (Tho' in some way snot a bad thing to say you have to be pretty confident before you start ...)

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