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Is a TEFL worthwhile if you have a PGCE?

Discussion in 'Teaching overseas' started by anon331, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. I'm about to start my Primary PGCE in September. I spent 6 months teaching English overseas ending earlier this year and absolutely loved it. I definitely want to teach overseas again in the future, though not permanently. If I did this, I'd look for International Schools rather than teaching English specifically I would think, just because it's better paid and slightly more stable. I've just been offered the opportunity to do a full 120 hour TEFL course for a very discounted rate of £65 instead of £300+. I'm just wondering, is it a qualification that will have any benefit to me as a teacher? Will it look good on my CV and set me apart from other NQTs straight out of their BEd or PGCE when it comes to looking for a job next year? Wondering if it would actually be of any benefit looking for a job overseas if it won't be teaching English.
  2. For £65 - if it is a decent course - then I would do it as it will stand you in good stead in your PGCE in terms of teaching EAL students. Otherwise, probably not.
    Although a percentage of students in international British schools are EAL, you tend not to apply TEFL teaching methods just as you wouldn't in the UK. It is useful as a teaching tool in terms of teaching you grammatical rules and other means of reaching EAL students. Too many teachers have no clue about how the grammar of their own language works.
    As to looking good on your CV - it will add to your appeal about as much as your prior 6 months showing that you have experience working with non-native speakers and you would sell it in that manner rather than as a teaching qualification as such since PGCE pretty much trumps TEFL.

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