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IS 5pm too early to leave?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Bubbles357, May 26, 2011.

  1. I'm a full time, one of two assistant headteachers (no deputy) in an average sized junior school. At my recent mid year performance management, (very late) I was asked what I had found difficult this year. I explained that often communication is hard because I am full class based and my equivalaent only teachers 0.6 to cover some PPA therefore often the HT and other AHT have conversations without me and forget (?) to pass the information on but expect me to now the decisions made!! I acknowledged that this is often because I am teaching and it is easier for the HT to find/talk to the other AHT. I didn't blame anyone but was asked so said it was something I would like them to be mindful of. Anyway the reply was that I didn't know what was going on because often they came to find me but I had gone home. I leave at 5pm every evening as I have two children under 5 who are cared for by a childminder and need picking up at 5.15!! She also said that when next year's classes are being considered, I would not be working with someone new to a year group as I cannot 'emotionally support' someone else due to my short working hours!

    I can't work any later as I don't have care. I do what I have to at school - support for collegues, displays, year group work, assessment with collegues etc and take what I can home which I begin at 7pm once my chidlren are in bed. I put in my hours but are being made to feel inadequate because I leave at 5pm and am the first to go.
    Any feed back would be helpful
  2. I think 5pm is a pefectly reasonable time to go home. I arrive at school at 8.15 and leave at any time between 4.30 and 5pm. Both my children attend my school so they are either in after school club or at the care club. We don't get home until 5.30.
    I think an 8 -5pm day is fine and they are just nit-picking as you have commented on something that has made them uncomfortable.
  3. Cervinia

    Cervinia Occasional commenter

    Go when you want. So long as the job is being done effectively. There's nothing worse than those 'i can stay later than you' teachers.
  4. clear_air

    clear_air New commenter

    8-5 is a long day - ESPECIALLY when you have little children. Good for you for getting your priorities right. If you choose to get the job done rather than hanging around in calssrooms gossiping, GOOD FOR YOU.
  5. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    An alternative is to turn down the post of AHT. You do not have to do that role...then the problem about leaving school doesnt matter........unfortunately the needs of children must come before many other things as I have found..
    In my opinion I would point out that if they have time to talk together why can they co-ordinate the time so both of you are free at the same time.Im my last school SMT time for the 2 AHT was set aside.Im suprised you can do a full timetable and co-orniate the post withthe damands of a modern school.You might be well orgnaised but surely it can be sorted together.
  6. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    It isn't so much what time is and is not acceptable, but more if you are the first to go then things will get sorted without you.

    In my current school, leaving at 5 wouldn't raise any eyebrows among classteachers, many leave earlier and many later. However all of SLT are generally there until about 5.30 to 6. They are perfectly reasonable and would not have any problem with you leaving at 5, but you would have to accept that things happen when you have gone home.
  7. In my opinion your HT is asking far too much of you. You cannot be expected to fulfill the commitments of an AHT post without some release time. No-one should expect you to stay later than 5pm and there shouldn't be any need for you to do this. If I were you I'd look around for another job as your HT doesn't sound like one I would want to work for.
  8. lardylegs

    lardylegs Occasional commenter

    Your Headteacher and the Governors of your school have a duty of care to ensure that all staff have a work/life balance. Therefore (giving the stressful nature of teaching) any expectation to be at work past 5 pm after a full day in the classroom would, to my mind, constitute an unreasonable demand.
    If you are in any doubt, just go up to the Chair of Governors and mention Work/Life Balance and watch them pitch up with the boxes of biscuits and the spa vouchers.
  9. lardylegs

    lardylegs Occasional commenter

    giving = given, obviously.... well on with the M&S Pink Port tonight....... £5.99 - it is nectar from the Gods....

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