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Is 10,000 AED per month enough to survive on in Dubai

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by scottish1, Jul 14, 2008.

  1. What is 'IMHO'? by Desertdweller

    I think its stands for "In my honest opinion".
    Correct me if I m wrong!
  2. Karvol

    Karvol Occasional commenter

    Frankly most schools in Dubai are no better than an average comp in England, in terms of facilities. The best schools in Dubai are actually quite shockingly bad at times ( I have friends whose kids have been through the system there ).

    Rashid School for Boys. I had a friend who taught there and he said it was a perfectly fine school with a selective intake. As far as I am aware a lot of the children of the Sheikhs go to Rashid and Latifa. This is not a bad thing, just means you have to be careful what you say in class.

    I think Rashid pays about 15k+ a month with reasonable, but not fantastic, housing. I would presume Latifa is the same.

    The best paymasters for teachers in the UAE tend to be the military. However they are going through a complete overhaul of their system at the moment and it remains to be seen what happens. Salary is from 20-25k Dhs per month starting plus housing and quite superb medical ( I got free lasik eye treatment when I was there ). Old ME hands may remember the infamous MLI and TSI... And a great time was had by all.

    Next in line you have the HCT and Zayed University. These require master's or Phd's and the salary isn't that great - approx 13k starting at HCT.

    The best employer in Abu Dhabi is the Petroleum Institute. Quite excellent salary package and great facilities. However you need connections to get a good package. ADNOC also used to be good for its package but I am not sure what it is nowadays. A couple of years back it was about 15k starting.

    IAT I wouldn't touch with a bargepole. I was around when it was first starting up, and I know the people in charge. The package is crud and the housing is laughable.

    There are other interesting alternatives, for those willing to look for them.

    Etisalat Academy is one of the top of my head, and there are others which I cannot recall at the moment.

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  3. Karvol

    Karvol Occasional commenter

    Those interested in Saudi could consider British Aerospace. They offer a great salary and package.

    Of course you do have to live in Saudi though.
  4. sorry i meant IMHO to mean in my humble opinion!! anyway yes the school fees are going up by 30% or thereabouts and our school has given us a 5% pay rise whoopee doo!!

    Leaving schools isn't a great big problem because the new school can 'buy' you out of your current contract and anyway usually if it's a good school the school will let you leave for certain reasons. Also the new school will understand that you wanna leave a 'bad' school and will take that on board when employing you if you wanna stay in Dubai.

    Also one other thing find out where you're living and you're lucky if it's away from a building site because unfortunately 70% of Dubai IS a building site!!

    sorry the last thing not many schools give you a car loan and not many are prepared to act as gurantors either so either have a decent deposit with you for a car or whatever OR be prepared to shop around for a long time!!!

    (excuse the spelling obviously don't teach english!)

  5. Hi,
    Just wanted to say that I have been offered 2 teaching jobs in Abu Dhabi and 1 in Dubai and they all offered just less than 10,000 AED a month. I turnd them all down as I was really hoping for a minimum of 13,000. Perhaps I am just being greedy, but I have 9 years experience and I don't think it is asking too much.

    Although it is a different profession, my sister works in Abu Dhabi as a midwife and gets £2000 a month. I think teachers should be valued as much.
  6. Yes, of course that makes sense for IMHO - sorry to have been so daft! I'm not too up on all these abbreveations - I only JUST know what lol means! Thanks.
  7. Well to give you some idea of how low 10K AED is, I use to spend that on a long weekend "Bender" when I use to work in Kuwait. Thats when the AED was worth something!

    Salary is based on supply and demand, so if teachers except ?Chicken Feed? then that is all schools will offer. The 10K is on offer for new members of the profession who just want a couple of years of ?Sun, Sea, Surf and Sex? after finishing their QTS and NQT.

    10K is not a long term $alary and most people who except it will be leaving after 2 years for the next ?Place to Be? in the world. 10K is based on a salary to put a "face" infront of a class of kids, thats all!
  8. towncryer

    towncryer Senior commenter

    no amaie lauren...you are not greedy...and you did the right thing turning those offers down.There are better places in other parts of the world and better offers.I am sure that all the posts on here are giving out a very clear message.

    Unfortunately,as the last poster pointed out there are too many teachers out there just doing this as the next stop on their globe trotting tour...and they don't care how little they are paid because theyre moving on in a year or two.....but,seriously,parents should also be concerned about a constant turnover of staff.I hate to say this...and I know its not true of every teacehr who accepts short term employment...but there are a significant number of teachers out here for the sun and surf(not sure about the sex as there are big restrictions here!)...and they are not bothered about the standard of education they deliver...after all they will be off in a couple of years and they don't really care.Unfortunately they are driving down the value of teachers and schools looking to make a profit will ditch their loyal but more expensive teachers while failing to realise that they are the more dedicated because they want to stick around for more than a year or two.
  9. Hi there

    Most of you who have posted ought to be flogged! Seriously!

    Whilst 10,000 is not the best salary in Dubai it isnt the worst either.

    If you have 10 years experience then of course you should expect more money ( and you probably would) but times have changed and it aint 2000 anymore. The reality of Dubai , as other posters have mentioned, is that inflation has caught up with the place and in particular the schools have woken up to the fact that people for some unknown reason want to live and work in Dubai. SUPPLY AND DEMAND innit?

    People can carp on about how good salaries are at Latifa, Rachid, DC, Repton and the like but EVERYBODY knows this and so the competition for places as a teacher there are enormous...realisitcally unless you are a superb teacher you are not going to get a job there. Which means that you will have to go to a school which is for profit ....

    Which brings me onto another thing people should be flogged for on this site. If the schools you all work at that are for profit dont make any profit then you dont get paid OR get a pay rise. Where the hell do you think the money comes from in the first place? Simple Business will show you that the largest single cost to an employer is Salary. The more you demand the more money the schools have to make.

    Right back to the original poster's comments. So if you accept that you are not going to get 20,000 Dirhams and that right now as the $ is on the decline you end up with less money than if you went out there 2 or 5 or 10 years ago, AND others will be on better salries and have better accommodation than you , you are probably thinking why go at all? ( I certainly would question the sanity of most people who would want to live in that place)!!!

    But to balance this rant I feel it is important to try to sell the idea of going on that kind of salary. You can save. You wont be able to go out to the ex pat restaurants all the time, but you can get a damn decent curry in the old part of town for next to nothing ( no alcohol allowed) and your biggest saving will come in the fact that you are not paying rent, utilities etc outside of the mobiles and groceries. I assume that you have to pay for those back home?

    And so the choice is yours as to whether you spank that cash in some over hyped over priced bar or to send it home. OR god forbid I mention it ...why not share your accommodation with other people to cut the costs and pocket the remainder of the housing allowance schools are giving instead of single flats, that may or may not be in the best area for your school?

    And finally if you are really looking to bethere for the long haul, maybe you will ahve to take a lesser post with a smaller salary in your first school , but that doesnt mean that the next school cant be a better paid job in a better resourced , better staffed school with better children.

    If money is the be all and end all and you have 5 years + under your belt and are either a Primary teacher or teach one of English , Maths or Science then you could always work for the Government in Abu Dhabi for £36K tax free. See the thread here.... But then again the teachers in that have also got a lot to moan about like having to take a taxi to work at 6 am or go to work in a bus without curtains....

    In the end do your research and take the plunge
  10. Wow! The Govt of Abu Dhabi pays that much! Could you kindly post the link or the info for us all to find out more! Abu Dhabi is not a bad place to live! More down to earth than Dubai!
  11. Yes they do pay that amount but as with all jobs you have to be aware that there are issues, and do the researc h before the $ signs cloud your judgement and work out iof you can get on with the job you have been hired to do, accept that it isnt the same as back home ( which after all is part of the reasons why we have left home) and not get involved in the petty in fighting and politics that theses whingers seem to have immersed temselves in.

    If you look on this site for the posts relating to a PPP provider CfBT then you will see what they think the issues are .Personally I think that the people who are complaining are ingrates. As I have just posted on another thread, I think that overall as ex pats on tax free contracts we are pretty lucky compared to local government scool staff who do not get the perks that we do and so to complain bitterly about how you have to get to school or how long it takes you is a bit of an insult to them. After all if they did the same thing the likelihood is that they would be out of a job before you can say Ramadan
  12. Grr I am getting angry and that means I lose the ability to spell. Have a look at the CfbT web site for more info.
  13. Many thanks Mr Floggem. That is an interesting site adnt he work that they do seems to be interesting as well, however, I am quite happy and content with my current post (and I am an expat)- was mostly curious. Hope that you're not too angry any more. Have a great day.
  14. Do you really think that schools like Reptn are not for profit??! I have a friend who works there and it is ALL about turning a profit as fast as possible....
  15. seneg1968 you are absolutely right all schools make a profit in the indepndent sector, the only difference between Repton in the UK and that in Dubai is the profit in the UK has to go back into the school and not to any share holder. For schools abroad you are again absolutely correct for a large number of the UK franchises

    The Harrow schools, and the Dulwich schools abroad are cash cows too. The point being that in most people's eyes there is an accountable element to these schools rather than just naked greed and that makes them somehow better.

  16. physion

    physion New commenter

    WAs there any pension package out of the 10k salary? As most schools do not offer one.
  17. Jason_Bourne_

    Jason_Bourne_ Occasional commenter

    This post is 9 years old, it might be better to create a new post...
  18. harsh-but-fair

    harsh-but-fair Star commenter

    Where's the fun in that?

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