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Is 10,000 AED per month enough to survive on in Dubai

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by scottish1, Jul 14, 2008.

  1. I have just been offered a job in Dubai starting in August and just wondered if anyone could give me some guidance on my proposed salary? The contract offeres return flights home, medical cover, a one bed apartment and 10,000 AED per month. I would like to be able to save some money while I am out there and was wondering if anyone would be able to advise me on it?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
  2. I have just been offered a job in Dubai starting in August and just wondered if anyone could give me some guidance on my proposed salary? The contract offeres return flights home, medical cover, a one bed apartment and 10,000 AED per month. I would like to be able to save some money while I am out there and was wondering if anyone would be able to advise me on it?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
  3. Karvol

    Karvol Occasional commenter

    Hmm... I will just give my opinion, so take it as it is, and no comebacks!!!

    10k salary a month is abysmal. When I started working in the UAE on 2000 I was on a salary of 17,500 a month with all the trimmings. A one bedroom apartment will probably be out in the sticks like the Greens or something. This means it will cost you 100 dhs to go into Dubai for a round trip.

    You can live on that salary, but you will have to be careful what you buy and how you save. I am surprised you have been offered that salary as it is, in my eyes, a non-Westerners salary.

    Check the contract and see what clauses they have put in for gratuities and leaving early. A bet it will not be very good.

    Of course it purely depends upon your circumstances, but I would not take it. It is far too low.
  4. towncryer

    towncryer Lead commenter

    An appalling offer.Apart from day to day living costs think how you are going to manage in the holidays if you go back to Europe or UK...The value of the dirham is going down against other currencies almost on a daily basis.

    There will be some people on here who will try to convince you that 10,000 is acceptable...it isn't.It's incredible that schools are offering less than they were 2 or 3 years ago when living costs have gone through the roof and the currency has declined in value.
  5. It is low. I do know a few people who earn that much in my school and are fine....but not exactly happy. Trouble is that I work in one of the really good schools in Dubai so I'm not sure how much more you'll get. It also depends on experience. I get a bit more than your offer but have 8 years experience.

    I agree with the previous posters that schools are paying less than they did in the past but it's a supply and demand thing IMHO. More and more teachers want to come out here and are willing to accept smaller wages.

    In short, I think it's plenty to live on but not enough to make you feel valued.
  6. 10,000 is better than many schools offer.
    You can live comfortably on that unless you are living the 'high'life with champagne brunches every weekend.
  7. Scottish, are you able to give me your email?
  8. towncryer

    towncryer Lead commenter

    Schools are pretty desperate right now....you should try to negotiate for a better offer.The dirham has lost value yet again ...and if the dollar goes into freefall the dirham will go with it...which makes it a pretty useless currency if you need to send money back to UK.If you don't have committments back home then this will probably just about be ok.....but there are better offers.I don't agree that that is what most schools are offering right now.

  9. Cheers for all the responses folks, very unsure as to what I should do. I need to send 150 pound back to the uk every month and it sounds like I am not going to be able to afford to. However with rising costs in the UK do I really want to pass on this opportunity?

    my email is

  10. Hi. While I agree totally that 10K is very low you will be able to send 150 GBP home. No problem. I think the point is more that you should be paid more. I started on 15kAED and was able to send quite a lot home. I feel that at that salary your school may not be a 'great' employer. Having said that, neither was mine and I left asap. If it's what you really want (ie the job, the UAE) then you will survive, but...
  11. Dont forget though that the 10,000 AED excludes medical/flights and accommodation. So this is all disposable cash...I will be sending £400 back for about the first 6 months. I have family/friends out there in Dubai who have all said I will be able to cope better in Dubai than in the UK.
  12. towncryer

    towncryer Lead commenter

    Remember that costs are rising over here too....not just in the UK....and the value of your salary is going down almost on a monthly basis.

    You can probably afford to send 150 home each month if you have no other outgoings.....but what about in Dubai? Are you going to need a car,for example.You might choose to do without but taxis are a problem in this city and you might find that a car is a necessity.

    Is your life going to enjoyable?Will you be able to afford to go uot once in a while...or will you have to live like a hermit? If the latter the better to stay in the UK and avoid all the up heaval of moving in the first place.Incidentaly getting all your certificates attested is also an expensive business especially if they are not already apostilled.

    Not trying to put you off...just want to be aware that 10000 dirhams won't go very far here.

    Are you in Dubai itself or one of the other emirates? If the latter your 10000 might stretch further....but Dubai itself is getting beyond a joke expense wise.
  13. Breeze84

    Breeze84 New commenter

    If the school in question has the word Research in it - don´t touch it with a barge-pole.

    If you are single you will manage but you wont be saving that much if you have any kind of social life - holiday aspirations.
  14. If your school id the National school of the Emirates which has 3 campuses 2 in Abu Dhabi and one in Al Ain. Be very careful. I have just left here along with 40% for current staff in AA. Up to 70% have left in AD.
    This is one dodgy group of schools to work for. Gratuities not paid out. Flights not paid for.
  15. Interesting comments everyone even though I am not the OP...I am a teacher already sponsored (by DH) but not yet working. I will be looking in a year....I am wondering where the schools are that offer well in excess of 10,000 a month because for the life of me I can't find them.. they are nowhere near me...

    Are they generally the Brit Curriculum schools? The Non profit ones, or the Rep add a Ton to that. What about school Raffles? Any ideas anyone?

    CAn decode easily been here a while..def want to avoid the worst school in DUbai as well....

    many thanks and sorry for swooping in on the OP thread...

  16. towncryer

    towncryer Lead commenter

    There are a depressing amount of schools offering this abysmal salary this year.If teachers keep accepting lower and lower salaries they will drive the value of the job down.I think the number of schools in the UAE still looking for teachers at this late stage in the year says it all!

    Schools are being allowed to increase their fees by 30% for the next school year while ,it seems.dropping teachers pay.

    If 10000 was a decent amount I'd say go for it...after all its not just for the money that we do this job.However,as I'm sure you can tell from all the other posts.....you will not have an easy time financially on this amount.
  17. NOPE!!

    Guys I've picked up on something that I think should be highlighted... people are so willing to come over here that they are accepting low low salaries... they tell you that you can't negotiate BUT when you get here you realise that many people have been successfull in increasing their salary.

    I realise that the OP probably has no family but parents need to realise that although the Fees are usually paid there is no help with after-school care for example my daughter finished at 12.30 each day which caused additional expenses that we hadn't accounted for.

    The car issue is quite substantial as well, seriously a car is quite possibly essential here especially if they place you out in the sticks -Discovery Gardens or the like -it will cost an arm and leg to get to anywhere and back!!

    The best schools for teacher pay are in Rashid, Latifa, DC and JESS IMHO... mainly cuz they are not for profit...

    hope that helps wish someone had told us before we came...!!
  18. In Al Ain where I lived 10.000 would be a great salary. However in Dubai, prices are just ridiculous. In al ain the most expensive taxi trip will cost 11 dirham. In Dubai you are talking about 50 dirham and all the waiting around in Traffic.
    For Dubai this is not a good salary!
  19. What is 'IMHO'? I have never heard of it. If the school fees in Dubai are going up by 30% then are most schools giving their teaching staff a pay rise? I do not live in Dubai but I visit it quite often and I have a good number of friends who live out there and are not in the teaching profession and it is a very expensive place to live. I feel that AED10,000 is not enough to live comfortably. Will the school be paying your transport costs? What about utilities, ie, water and electric? That is also quite a significant cost in Dubai. If they are paying for your transport, utilities, flights, medical then you may be okay but you must make sure that you will be able to get around beyond to and from work. Good luck!
  20. What about JAPS that opens a new secondary soon...(near me too in Springs)...

    E I S offered me 300 dhs a day to work 8 hours and a G E M school with a name like a boot offered me 350 for 8 hours also....(about 48£)....yipee...

    Full time wages are between 6 and 9 for those schools so nothing new there...

    Usually the utilities are paid for and they give a loan for a car (sometimes)...however...there is a rule that you can't leave one school and work for another within a 3 year period because you need what is called an NOC (no objection certificate) from your employer and some rather awful ones won't give you one essentially you are stuck, leave UAE or stay in said cr£ppy job....that said there are supposed changes coming into effect this August saying that is no longer the case....

    Is Latifa the girls school and Rashid the boys for Locals....I have heard unfavourable things about working in one of those schools akin to selling your soul for money and going back 50 years educationally....not sure if this is a nasty rumour though? Anyone???


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