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Irritated by my body

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by Spidermonkey, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. Hi ladies, not sure what I expect in response, but needed a space to vent!

    I'm 5 days late, with no sign of period coming. I've got endometriosis so cycle is all over the shop, but I thought it had stabilised at about 30 days. I hoped against hope that me being late meant that THIS WAS THE MONTH!!!! But according to the 3 pregnancy tests I have taken, yet again it is not to be.

    I just want my period to start, so that I can draw a line under this month and face next month with the facade of optimism, but it feels that my body is taunting me - not only am I not pregnant but I can't even manage to bleed when I'm meant to.

    I know that there are people who are worse off than me (by some miracle, I have one son already), and I do apologise for sounding selfish. It's just hard to keep on feeling positive.
  2. How are you working out when your period is due? It is more accurate to work out when you ovulate and count from then than the whole cycle length. My periods are a bit irregular so I know what you mean but I think a lot of people have this.
  3. You don't sound selfish at all. This ttc business is beyond **** and enough to push the most patient person to the edge.
    We've been trying for number one for 2 years and as each day passes it ebbs away at our hopes.
    There are many of us that feel like that so you are most definitely among friends.
    I wish you lots of luck x

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