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irregular periods

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by cb700, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. cb700

    cb700 New commenter

    I came off the pill in feb 2010 and my periods have been really irregular since. I have been on the pill since 2001 so quite a long time. Before that my periods were never that regular but now they are crazy havent had a period since christmas holidays! Will i find it really difficult to get pregnant?
    Any advice would be great as it is causing stress and not helping my workload!

  2. Hi. It took my periods a whole year to settle down after coming off the pill and wasnt ttc at the time. Except for one really odd cycle which was long they are now pretty regular and I got pregnant pretty quickly. I saw my doctor after 6 months off the pill and they sent me for a scan which was normal. She then said that if they weren't regular after a year she would do more tests. She also said it can take a year or more for them to settle down. I would go to your doctors and just air your concern. Hope that helps!
  3. I came off the pill in March 2010 my periods have been irregular ever since, ranging from 28 day cycles to 33 days. I got my BFP in December so it is definitely still possible to get pregnant with irregular periods. It just makes it harder to work out your due date, looking at the dates they gave me after my scan it turns out I ovulated on day 11/12 when I finally got pregnant. Good luck !!
  4. emmamc252

    emmamc252 New commenter

    Hi, I was in a similar boat however not quite as extreme I have to admit. My periods could be a few days early to 7 or 8 days late.
    We decided we weren't going to put any pressure on ourselves for the first year so we didn't do ovulation test/ tperature testing etc. I had a rough idea when a normal cycles optimum days would be but found it terribly disheartening when every month i was a bit late n would spend a small fortune on pregnancy tests to no avail.
    After 11 months we got lucky, I did a test on the day after my missed period (as it shud have been n got a negative) it was another 5 days before I got a positive. We now know it was about 5 days after the normal day I should have ovulated when I did. We just got lucky.
    Since then I've talked to friends and to be honest think we put ourselves thru a lot of stress for nothing! Go and get the ovulation tests, go and get stuff to chart your temperatures with etc! We would like another one relatively soon after this one arrives and that is exactly what I will be doing! From what friends have said it will help a lot!
  5. cb700

    cb700 New commenter

    Not sure that mine counts as medically regular as it can range from 32 days one months to 51 and im currently on day 47 and just wish it would arrive.
  6. Hi cb700,
    I am in a similar position to you, one year down the line and I have only had 4 AF's. One was when i came off the pill. I went to my doctor and had all sorts of blood tests, turns out i have an under active thyroid and that affects your cycle. My last cycle was 91 days, currently on cd52. We have been referred to the fertility clinic in the hope they can help me ovulate. I would arrange a doctors appointment and discuss all your concerns. They will be able to help. x

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