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IQ Building Activities

Discussion in 'Science' started by Newstein, Mar 28, 2019.

  1. Newstein

    Newstein New commenter

    I am thinking of helping hardworking students of low ability to improve their intelligence by giving them verbal and non verbal reasoning questions as additional homework (not compulsory).

    What do people here think about this proposal?
  2. p1j39

    p1j39 New commenter

    What are they going to verbally and non-verbally reason about. Unless they have a bank of knowledge, they can't reason with anything.

    if I were you, I would design some learning tasks where the students can learn the basic concepts before applying them in more involved tasks in the classroom, where you can model how to complete them.

    Also, in my experience, very, very few children will do voluntary additional homework, and almost never the low ability children :(.
  3. averagedan

    averagedan Occasional commenter

    What evidence do you have that this will improve their ability? Most research in this area that I have read suggests that these types of activity just train you to perform these activities more quickly and don't actually help develop intelligence.

    The one exception to this is CASE, which sadly died a death, as far as I'm aware that's the only time a thinking skills course has been tested successfully.
    annascience2012 likes this.
  4. p1j39

    p1j39 New commenter

    CASE promised a lot but it delivered very little.
  5. Newstein

    Newstein New commenter

    What are Mensa tests for? I think that when the brain works on these tests ( various skills demanding analysis) it gets shaped and becomes more able to think logically and hence understand mathematical and scientific concepts easily.
  6. averagedan

    averagedan Occasional commenter

    I asked what evidence you have for this above - most studies I have seen disprove this idea. Look up all the research on "brain training".
    annascience2012 likes this.

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