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IPod issues

Discussion in 'Personal' started by daydreamer86, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. The last few times I have plugged my IPod in to my computer to charge it, a dialogue box has come up asking if I want to scan and fix my IPod. As I couldn't see anything wrong with it and it was still syncing fine, I did not do this. The last time I charged it, a message came up saying that I did not have the administrator privileges for my IPod and therefore could not sync it. Then yesterday the screen on it froze on one particular image and that's all that was showing-no artist, song title or anything and, after that song finished, the sound went as well. This morning, I went to check and all the power has been drained My question is if I plug it in to charge now, as something seems to have gone wrong with it, will it affect the songs on my ITunes account? Stupidly they are not backed up-I am going to back them up the next time I am asked but, until then, I really don't want to lose them as I have 892 songs on there. I presume that, for the moment, this rules out restoring it to the factory settings. Do you think this is a problem that can be resolved or do I just need to get a new IPod? If I do get a new IPod, I presume all the current songs will be wiped during the syncing process? Whereabouts would they be backed up so I could just reload them onto the IPod rather than buying them all again? I hope that makes sense. Sorry if not-I'm not very technical at all!
  2. RKM


    Take it to the Apple Shop and see what they say. They maybe able to help.
  3. Thanks. I will try that. Unfortunately my nearest Apple outlet, to my knowledge, is Bluewater which is a nightmare to get to by public transport from where I live and I don't drive. I will have to see if a friend is willing to give me a lift.
  4. Turns out there are a few in London-day trip to London it is then!
  5. anteater

    anteater New commenter

    You don't need to go on a day trip! (Unless you want a day out, anyway)
    Phone up the help line - I have had to do this twice and they were always very helpful and the their advice worked each time.
    If your library really has gone kaput, any songs you have bought from iTunes can be restored - but you may have to add those off your CDs again.
  6. Windows regards an ipod as an external drive and offers to check the integrity of that drive. You should normally continue without scanning.
    The sync problem may be caused by trying to sync with a folder which you do not own. Have you changed/added to the locations where your music is held? Your problem is not the ipod itself but the windows/ipod relationship. I can't help too much as I stopped using itunes to manage my ipod as I used to get too many problems related to syncing.
  7. Thank you for your help -that's what I have done but I was confused because that message has only started to come up recently and I have charged the IPod off this laptop since I bought it 2 years ago.
    No I haven't. The only thing I can think of is that it keeps going on at me to download the latest version which I keep refusing to do as I don't see the point in updating just because something's newer when what I've got works (or did work!) perfectly fine. Maybe that might be something to do with it. Anteater, thank you for your suggestion. I will try calling them up.

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