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Discussion in 'Primary' started by 24601_, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. IPC costs a lot of money. In my school this was around £10,000 to start up with around £1,500 per year subscription. For your original investment you get a nice set of files covering the Foundation subjects and Science from EYFS to Y6. Unfortunately what you get in these is a re-written version of the National Curriculum PoS objectives and topics purporting to cover these. The "medium term plans" are badly written, badly thought out and are woefully inadequate. What happens is you take the topic names and then make your own MTPs yourself. Unfortunately you cannot find this out until you have purchased the scheme. I would suggest you use the old QCA schemes (free) as a base and change them as you need to. And / or you could pay a few quid for hamilton trust topics and do the same.
  2. Thank goodness its not just me then .....really did not want to be negatiuve but just thought i would mention it and suggest that you carefully think about it before purchasing

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