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iPads in the primary classroom

Discussion in 'Primary' started by dav1970, Jan 11, 2012.

  1. A major concern that I have with iPads in the primary classroom is that in 10 years children won't be playing with each other as much and will play by themselves on their iPad instead.
    There needs to be more good quality collaborative learning apps and software.
    There's this game that promotes collaborative learning
    It's a good start but I can't find much else.
    Any thoughts?
  2. Really interesting thread. I am a technology lover and hopefully soon an iPad owner (waiting until the iPad 3). Using it in the classroom is something that I would be really keen to try out. Like the OP though I can see a problem with so many of the Apps being designed for solo use. Finding ways that you can use a single iPad in the classroom does seem much harder. I've already got some ideas from this thread and I'll keep checking back for more!!!
  3. dav1970

    dav1970 New commenter

    You are missing my point when I originally started this thread. The prime reason I started it was for ideas in how to enhance teaching, everything from improved assessment to quick and effective teaching methods. The day that all children have an iPad and simply tap away will be very sad. The best use I have found for mine is instant feedback from writing to maths techniques as well as peer assessment via an instant 'in your face' visualiser. Be positive, we must grasp new technology and embrace it to make better for all!
  4. I teach Yr5/6 and every pupil in my class has an iPad. Across our school we have about 100. I also have Apple TV in the classroom. It has taken a little while to get past the novelty of them but they have been fantastic in terms of personalising learning, particularly when working on individual targets. We have signed up to ixl as well as having apps for timetables and other skills etc. we have also made our own demo videos for specific areas of learning and are currently writing our own iBooks. I was a little sceptical at first but they have been a huge benefit.
  5. The new projectors are coming out with the ability to connect your iPad wirelessly to them so no need for Apple TV or the small ipad to VGA connector. There are a range of great apps out there for education. I am an Australian teacher and use the following apps all the time: Starwalk, Ted, Miriam Webster dictionary, Phraseology, Terminology, Keynote, Pages, Numbers, Visioprompt, School A to Z, 1000 sight words, Solids Elementary (fantastic for 3 D shapes), Mathborad, AudioMemos, NotifyMe, Google Earth, Mathletics, Converter, MadPad HD (kids love this as a reward), Blogsy, Flashcard*, PDF PROvider . I use Garage Band at the end of the week for the child who has accumulated the most reward points for the week ("15 minutes to be a Star" -they write their own song and at the end of the term we vote on the best song) and engineer opportunities for the children who wont ever get there (and we ALL have those) to get a go on it for something.
  6. A little late I know but we have just given our staff all ipads and are using airplay (cheap apple download) to mirrir (play) them on the interactive WB. Very good but still new to this...

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