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iPads in the primary classroom

Discussion in 'Primary' started by dav1970, Jan 11, 2012.

  1. The 100 square app? Do you have the cable to link to your interactive whiteboard?

    There are lots of brilliant book apps.. Nosy crow are an excellent developer for books apps, as are the Dr Seuss ones. Oceanhouse Media develop those.
  2. My ex school, Kenninghall primary school in Norfolk have started using ipads in school since September and also use apple tv. Apparently kids love them and they have lots of apps. Also check out spears school in Scotland. The head runs a blog on ipads in his school, the apps they use and the pros and cons. I'm a headteacher and we are seriously looking into ipads in my new school. Hope this helps.
  3. One of the roles a thread like this can play is to provide a platform for teachers to describe the kind of Apps they need and would like to see in the App stores. Teachers need to take the lead over the what Apps are made available to them and not leave these decsions to to the industry.
  4. Have a look at our new Ipad friendly blog lendmeyourliteracy.org We have just launched a monthly writing challenge on there. http://lendmeyourliteracy.org/authors/authors-writing-challenge/ had my children accessing this site today and typing in their poems. A great use of the ipad and blogging. You can then also access other worked example on there to share as guided writing models. Just a thought.

    Year 5 teacher
  5. JumpingStarfish

    JumpingStarfish New commenter

    Ok, slightly off topic, but something I think could influence choices as to whether or not iPads are the way forward for some schools - if you have one iTunes account on all the iPads (which I assume you would as it is a school account presumably) do you have to pay for the app every time it goes onto a new iPad? Or does the one purchase cover all iPads?
    Just curious!
  6. We're currently in the process of buying a set of iPads for my school, Apple have been really good in offering us workshops and training and from speaking to another school nearby you can just puchase an App once and then sync a full set with that one lap top/mac book.


    This is a good web site with a number of different educational apps on, I met the developer at an Apple in Education day a few weeks ago.

    Could we possibly start a thread dedicated to ipad apps, where users just put the name of the app, price and a short description rather than having to read through the lengthy comments on this thread?
  7. Technically you can buy an app once and use across a number of iPads but not legally. This functionality is there so that a person with an iPhone and an iPad can use a purchased app across their two devices but for use by multiple users the apple T and C states that an app must be brought for each device. They do offer a volume purchasing facility though where schools can get a discount when doing this. This makes it equivalent to any other software. Ie you purchase for the number of machines it will be used on.

    What you do is your choice on this, of course, but the cheap route is basically involving your school in piracy.

    See http://www.apple.com/itunes/education/
  8. My school has 12 ipads which we are using in intervention groups in maths and literacy to fill gaps in knowledge linked to APP grids and individual education plans. They have provided yet another way to go over the same ground with children who need a lot of reinforcement of concepts. This project is linked to our school development plan and results are being closely monitored for effectiveness. One of the problems we have is knowing techy type people who can create the APPs we need to reinforce particular concepts. I've been looking for one for halving and doubling, and understanding maths vocab. An order your APP service would be brilliant. We are using the i pads for videoing and internet research amongst other things and the starwalk APP was fantastic at our stargazing live event last night.
  9. Hi David, You probably have found out by now that there are 10000s of educational apps. We have 1:1 iPads at our special school in australia and use them all the time. Handwriting apps, maths apps, sight words, movie making, sctory writing where u insert your own photos and dictate the words, heaps and heaps! Good luck.
  10. I had asked a question, but I then I saw it had already been covered. Thanks!
  11. I've been using the iPad for over a year with pupils 8-11 years old. It can be used for a variety of different themes. Toontastic is great for making up short stories but you need a quiet area to make it work. Keynote is brilliant. I use the children as 'teachers' as they go through power points for reading, spelling, mental Maths etc. the iPad is linked to the classroom TV and the children can work in pairs or small groups. There are lots of apps to use. The pupils are also fascinated with the music apps, synths and keyboards. The iPad can also be used as an incentive. I have 32 pupils in class and they all look forward to getting their turn! Easy to use!
  12. Anyone who has seen how a child, of any age, responds to the tactile and intuitive interface of the iPad can be in doubt that they are almost certainly going to become the default digital interface in education. As a musician, the iPad (and GarageBand) is now integral to my daily workflow with dramatically improved teaching efficiency, pupil engagement and motivation, etc. And Apple clearly think so too. They have just announced an easy and free programme for primarily aimed at educators.

    As a publisher, I am very excited by Apple's iBook Author, a typically suave, Apple-esque way of publishing multimedia textbooks. Teachers , and indeed students, can now share their ideas beyond their own classroom, publishing their lesson plans, work programmes and whatever else they reckon will find a readership. Could be good for professional profile and/or where credited, a school's reputation.

    Exciting times.
  13. Hi, I would LOVE to implement iPads in my fifth grade classroom! Does anyone out there have any ideas of where there are grants for technology? I have just begun to look and was wondering if anyone has received their iPads from a grant. Do you have one for each child? I would be happy with iPad One.
  14. Hi there,
    We use iPads in our school for guided reading. We use the app iMovie. The children take a photo of part of the text/picture and then record their commentary or response to it. Younger children act out part of the text and add a commentary to it.
    I hope this helps?
    We have also found Garage band to be helpful for responses to text and Dragon Dictation helps children to think of their ideas for writing before pen touches paper.

  15. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    all of which would be possible with most simple digital cameras AND you would have it all on an SD card, could export any of the work to a network drive, another application, use it at home, save on a USB, upload to school website or LP without format issues etc etc.
    I hate using the more widespread technology argument but the PC saw off the far superior ARM/Acorn combination so those considerations are dead to me now......
  16. Yes you could take a video/picture with a simple camera but cannot overlay the voice commentary or anything. As for the SD exporting, we are lucky to have a couple of mac books in the school so it is easy enough to get the pictures, videos, movies made off the ipads. We have successfully uploaded these onto the school moodle page from this too.

    We need to equip children with skills of how to use these as laptops are on the way out!
  17. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    simply enough with a free application like Movie Maker?
    so 2 devices needed, except a bit more pricey than a simple PC and digital camera?
    the skills needed to use them are pretty basic (2 yr olds on Youtube for instance), as well as old news - touch screens have been around for quite a while and it's a bit of an Apple marketing wet dream to assert 'laptops' are on their way out, I'm afraid - there is absolutely no evidence to support the idea, just the fervent hope of a company committed to exclusion, possession and control - sounds a bit like M$ really.
  18. I'm sure movie maker would work, but the ipads do it all on them so is nice and easy. The mac books may be expensive but are worth it, they are so versatile.
    To be honest, I put my ideas on here as to how we use them like was asked, so I have no idea why people are trying to be smart with obviously no clue as to the benefits of them. They are working well in our school, perhaps they would in more schools if people weren't so narrow minded!
  19. WolfPaul

    WolfPaul Occasional commenter

    Hang on, I thought laptops were "on the way out"?
  20. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    you really shouldn't take the discussion of technology and ideas so personally aad you really have no idea what benefits I have or not about this one, put your views (as I did), in detail if you care to but please don't try to be indirectly offensive

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