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iPads in the classroom

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Robin65, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. Robin65

    Robin65 New commenter

    My school has just purchased some ipads to be used throughout the Primay school. Has anyone got them already and have some tips as to how to get the best from them?
    I personally love mine but need some inspiration for using with the class.
  2. Gosh if only we had that kind of money. We barely have enough to upgrade our PC suite and staff laptops that are ancient, or replace the digital cameras that seem to all have gone walkabouts.

    I can but dream!
  3. Robin65

    Robin65 New commenter

    Yeah we are very fortunate.
  4. clear_air

    clear_air New commenter

    This seems a bit like putting the cart before the horse to me, tbh. The iPad is essentially a web browser, so I suggest you teach the children to browse the web on them. Very useful skill that. They could perhaps do a little web shopping while they were at it? Update their FB statuses (ii)? Learn how to while awy the hours going down byways and believing everything they see on Wikipedia?

  5. clear_air

    clear_air New commenter

    Or perhaps you could teach them to play Angry Birds or Tetris? Other essential life skills.
    Sorry to come across so cross!
  6. I do agree NGedge, even if I had the money I dont think i'd buy ipads for the sake of it. Im not sure what learning purpose they offer beyond normal computers.
  7. clear_air

    clear_air New commenter

    *whispers* none at all. Someone's been taken in by a slick salesman (that'll be the apple man).
  8. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    I'm afraid I agree.
  9. Can you download any apps that the class could use? They could be useful as almost mini whiteboards for doing timed activites where individuals could compete against other pupils doing the same activity?
    I bet there are some great apps for science, where rocking the ipads from side to side could stimulate water, or gravity, or driving/opperating vehicles like boats or anything else that the children could "move" by moving the ipads. Or other apps for exploring space, habitats etc?
    Do the ipads have cameras? if so they could make mini news reports - taking pictures, videos, then writing the report up all on the ipad? You could then project the projects on large screen for the whole class
    Hope this helps!
  10. Hiya,

    We have ipod touches, so similar which are for use across the school. We use apps with mental maths questions on for Numeracy starters, phonics games, MFL to hear native speakers when I'm working with another group, letter formation apps also. We also use them to download podcasts of kids news for a guided reading listening activity, where they need to respond to written questions. Lots! :)
  11. Pretty much anything online, I personally love storybirds, tes iboard for all sorts of maths starters and activities but all this could have been done on a netbook, apart from touchscreen?
    Angry Birds for angles?
  12. I wish we had ipads! In fact I wish we had any sort of ICT we don't even have computers at the moment :(
  13. There are lots of really good apps for the ipod touch do they work on ipads too? Think that things that engage kids are all good for moving the learning forward and those being negative need to see results of those using them. EBD (not sure if posts on here but find her on PTRC) has a great blog about the success she has with ipods in EBD special school class

  14. upsadaisy

    upsadaisy New commenter


    This is a case study of a school in herts using them.
  15. @OP
    Have you looked at Google Apps Education. There's potential there with collaborative working etc... If you don't have a VLE (or you don't like it) I'd set them all up with accounts. It does most of what a vle can do.
    In terms of apps, you can get iMovie for the ipad as well as Photoshop express. There must be a shared whiteboard app out there.
    @Wider discussion
    I love the idea of ipads.Instead of "right Mental oral starter... get out your whiteboards" it'll be "get out your ipads... play a game of spin-to-win".
    However, so much of the web is flash based - particularly the stuff for education. Almost every website with something that moves uses flash. (Including spin to win!)
    Look at the case study above - great idea - give them to FS children. But also, look at the software they made them use 'Word Match HD A game to help children learn basic words.
    Words are dragged on to their corresponding picture."
    That was chosen because it's one of the few educational apps available for the ipad. It's probably American. It certainly won't fit into the school's policy for teaching reading, assuming they're teacing phonics.
    If they had flash they could be using some the amazing, innotative software designed for UK FS kids e.g. from Q&D multimedia.
    If only Apple weren't so stubborn/greedy!
    I think there's great potential in the tablet market. Give it a year and there will be plenty of Android devices out there. They also need to half in price. For 400quid you can get a pretty reasonable, fully featured laptop!
  16. clear_air

    clear_air New commenter

    Exactly my point. And the laptop will last longer - I suspect be more robust, and it will be longer before it is obsolete.
    I was also wondering how this thread fits in with the complaints I read from 2dary teachers about the increasing need for them to 'entertain' children with their lessons? If this is what children experience in primary school, where do the 2ndary schools go? And as for balancing games...why are they not balancing a REAL ball on a REAL tennis raquet, for instance? As an example, playing ten pin bowling on the Wii is a very different prospect to playing it for real.
    I'm afraid I really, truly want children, especially young ones, to interact with the real world (as opposed to the virtual one) and I object in a very soapboxy way to this concept of a 'digital generation'. !!!
    how about playing a game? There are plenty out there that not only use mental maths skills but also a whole host of social ones...
  17. bevevans22

    bevevans22 Administrator

    I use an ipad in the classroom with children of all ages (from EY - Y6) using different apps, many of which are free (although that shouldn't be your criteria for using them - there are fantastic apps that cost money but are worth investing).

    Recently children in LKS2 have used an ancient Egypt app for some research, pupils with SEN have used a micro-expressions app, UKS2 have used some maths activities and everyone has enjoyed using different apps for literacy, including Puppet Pals, Tell me a Story and Myst.

    There is far more to an ipad than it just being a web browser and loads of worthwhile activities and apps that can be downloaded and used effectively. Composing music, making movies and comic strips and reading ebooks have been just a few areas I am using them for currently with pupils.
  18. Milgod

    Milgod Established commenter

    Can somebody who uses an ipad advise what benefits they give that a laptop wouldn't (for the classroom).
  19. EBD35

    EBD35 Occasional commenter

    Apps designed for the job
    Touch screen simplicity
    Intuitive design and reaction

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