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iPad Teaching and Learning

Discussion in 'Geography' started by ruairilennon, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. I am interested in identifying some problems and solutions with regards to teaching with iPads. I am interested in KS3 and 4 Geography. Would love to hear from teachers that are currently using them. Thanks!
  2. freckle06

    freckle06 Lead commenter

    We have recently been told we're all going to be given ipads to use, but not owning one (or an ipod/iphone) I really can't see the point. Please enlighten me, as I want to be excited about it, but seeing as my own children are quite small all they can suggest is Angry Birds!
    Help!!! (please?)
  3. I would totally agree with the above. I have found Noel's blog really useful to start me off, he also tweets which is great too!

    I have been using my own in class, but without wi-fi I have had to find information type apps to use, or create the lesson a few days in advance and use screen shots.

    In my lesson I do quite a lot of 'round-robin' style activities (e.g. discussion on one table, card sort on another, label images, living graphs etc etc before the pupils swap tables) to keep the pupils moving. With some groups I have been able to have my iPad on one activity desk for pupils to gather info from. The pupils have seen this as reward and are keen to do well on the other tasks so that they get the opportunity to use the iPad. Id love to be able to stretch my use further, but this is as far as ive got so far

    Any more ideas welcome!
  4. I bought iPads for use with half of a class. One half on pcs and other on iPads with 2 lessons per week. Up and running since last September. Opinion of kids - great! Opinion of teachers - brilliant! There were a few problems to begin with but soon sorted. Using with a leaning platforms embedded with Office. So many useful free apps. The whole primary age range use them. With VGA lead plug into projectors and sound systems they will project live web feeds as well as pics and vids taken on iPads. Really worth considering to use in class. Just felt we have to keep up with technology - not that children in my school have iPhones, many don't have pc at home. the children take great care of them and we bought really high quality cases on Amazon very cheaply. Am writing this on mine!
  5. freckle06

    freckle06 Lead commenter

    Thank you, we have out training on Thursday and iPads are given to us then. So will try to get my head around it. I feel a little cynical as I don't have an interactive whiteboard (when I could really see how it could work) so feel I'll be having lessons that go 'gather around children and watch me make this picture bigger'!!. Sure it'll be great but seeing as I'm secondary, rather a lot have smart phones and some do have iPads too! Still rather excited to be having a go but worried I may end up playing games on it.
  6. Have you a link for the cases please?
  7. This maybe an advance learning module for those who can afford to have iPad, what about those don't?

    Peterson, distributor of designer ipad case

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