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iPad development

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by Barry Asquith, Jul 18, 2012.

  1. I am looking at ways IPads can be used in the class room, any suggestions?
  2. re

    re New commenter

    Tend to agree with rmyk69, but there is a D&T app that looks remarkably similar to the focus on.. software.
  3. Sometimes we arrive at a school that has invested in the Ipads so teachers are looking at ways to use them.
    If you dont use flash, your Moodle content can be used on an Ipad....this could be a real plus.
  4. Thanks for that we use Moodle as our on line learning Platform so will look into that
  5. IDough is a tidy 3D modelling package - students really like pulling the shape using the screen.

    Lots of Design Tech revision guides on app store also.

    We use them in class as school has a class set. We find it useful to prepare the students for technology used at Colleges/Uni etc.

    Also its Design and TECHNOLOGY, makes me smile how old school some D&T staff are - its all about the gadgets and the traditional methods IMHO.

  6. Touch Screen Technology out of date next year??? Really????
  7. pecks

    pecks New commenter

    I have just completed a year at the forefront of using the IPads in the kitchen.
    I am currently giving talks and researching the use of Ipads in the hospitality and catering industry/ education.
    If you are teaching Food technology or hospitality you can download free ibooks from my website www.teamchefs.tv
    If you contact me I have a great lesson plan and resources which I am using in the demonstration which I don't wish to share with everyone online yet but am happy to help you further.

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