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iPad apps

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by becktonboy, Feb 5, 2012.

  1. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    all free, all from the app store. They are nearly all cut down or ad-packed versions of for sale software but we are trying nearly 100 out to see which ones are truly useful to us before buying any of them. As long as there is no wi-fi connection or AppleID available we can keep what goes on them under review. The Appstore search is pretty good to find them.
    Must say I find the whole anally retentive world of Apple a bit weird but don't think there is a jailbreak for ios5 yet - can't escape the feeling that is what ios5 is for.
  2. DEmsley

    DEmsley New commenter

    Jailbreak is possible on IOS5 http://www.jailbreaknation.com/
    There's an Apple EduStore - an app that just does Educational Apps.

  3. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    cheers for the jailbreak update DEm
    think it sucks a little bit - the Apps program on the ipad2 is decent enough - the lack of real multitasking and my stubby little fingers make doing anything on the little tinker a bit cumbersome tho' - wouldn't have bought them, twas a mangement idea I am trying to make the best of....

  4. BarryRiley

    BarryRiley New commenter

    I struggle to see how tablets can be used effectively in the ICT classroom without being shoehorned in there simply because they're innovative.

    What could they offer an everyday class on a day-to-day basis to actually warrant their purchase that a PC doesn't already do better?
  5. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    We are using them successfully with 1 to 1 SEN work: the touch screen is great when precision is not vital, having said which it helps develop fine motor skills. The keyboard truly blows. The immediacy of the device and the abundant free SEN apps really helping. All in all I wouldn't have bought them either but am not finding it as hard to put them to use as I feared. As a working classroom tool for a whole class? laughable idea.
  6. There's a range of apps that I included in an article in the pre-BETT ICT supplement if you have that to hand and I'll try and get that up on the site; not all apps have to be of the "fruity" hardware type.... web-based apps provide a range of options.... I think many of these uses are more about using technology to enhance learning in subjects other than ICT.
    Really effective uses include a PE teacher I saw who used the ipad to film students during lesson, then used a split screen option with a video of a modelled activity to compare performances, while projecting up onto the wall of the gym using an apple tv/projector......
    Also, as a teacher tool for assessment/evidence gathering during a lesson .... there's a range of apps that make this easier e.g. with APP (assessing pupil progress) but others use tools such as OneNote/Evernote or similar to keep records...
    And the opportunities for learners to design their own apps brings the learning potential into ICT lessons, too..... watch out for more about this from me coming soon.
  7. A tool isn't innovative in itself when it comes to learning, only the way it is used. There's probably a greater range of options for day-to-day use in a primary class or in cross-curricular learning contexts; portability and accessibility makes them particularly good for SEN (and actually cheaper/"cooler"/multifunctional compared with much SEN specialised equipment)

  8. DEmsley

    DEmsley New commenter

    Best laugh of the day so far. Designing Apps on an iPad is not possible you need the SDK which is only available on an intel based Mac atm.
    The BEST use so far for iPads is NOT within an ICT classroom but elsewhere in the curriculum where a quick browse is called for. However most students have internet enabled phones so why not get them to use those?
    The infrastructure costs and general cost of the iPad at present makes it unlikely to be adopted however I do like the one I'm testing but can't see a cost effective use yet.
    Until 1 iPad = 1 laptop on a cost basis I cannot see their use, and even then the laptop wins due to security, networkability, tracking etc iPad wins on looks and battery life.

  9. I was thinking about apps in their generic form and not just ipad apps - I mis-worded that - glad it made you laugh! Check out these resources for a bit of clarity:
  10. ABSOLUTELY! I think I said that too?
    If I was going to spend huge amounts of money on hardware - whether it is laptops, netbooks, ipads, ipods or other tablets/handhelds, I would need to be convinced that they would be more than a one-trick pony, that they could be used flexibly in a range of circumstances/learning experiences and that they would have longevity..... it's one of the reasons we had laptops rather than netbooks in my school.... I couldn't justify 1:1 cost of ipads but am also very much of the opinion that we need to enable and encourage students to use their own devices - whatever the platform, whether they are handheld or a bit bigger - and phones are the best opportunity we have for encouraging 1:1 in school - i.e. harnessing the potential of the pocket.

    There's more than one way to skin a cat!
  11. DEmsley

    DEmsley New commenter

    Excellent and thought provoking resources, thanks.

  12. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    couldn't agree more Jan, it's long been a complaint of mine, having used some realy useful and effective programs in the early days of classroom IT but the ipad has been overhyped. It is not that innovative, after all touch screen technology has been around for quite a while, Clive Sinclair was doing good looking miniaturisation 30 years ago, producing a machine with too few I/O possibilites has always been easy and a large company controlling a technology with a grasping control freakery in the software and hardware was embodied by Sony with Betamax.
    limited perhaps by Apple's attitude to Java, Flash and M$.
    but that the video could be made better and more easily with many cameras, we don't all have or want Apple TVs or projectors and most schools have staff who struggle with their existing technology, just because the ipad is sexy and thin doesn't mean teachers will get more use out of it.
    sorry if I sound negative, I quite like the ipad I have the opportunity to play around with, we are getting good use out of a small set of them and will continue to do so but they do seem to engender a certain amount of unrealistic enthusiasm.

  13. DEmsley

    DEmsley New commenter

    Excellent phrase and certainly apt.
  14. Glad you liked them.... and just spotted this which goes some way to show the dangers of committing to just one type of platform/tablet! http://tech.uk.msn.com/mobiles/articles.aspx?cp-documentid=160502184 - there's always so many interesting developments round the corner and what doors may we want to leave open! (at the risk of mixing too many metaphors)
  15. This app is really good for collaborative learning,
    I've not been able to find any other good quality collaborative learning games. This company seems to be the only one that's focusing on them.
  16. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    Spinning Pad Apps Mendaciously?
    finding the same post advertising a particular company
    on 2 threads from a poster who hasn't posted in a year is a bit iffy..... As to good qulaity
    collaborative games ....the App store does have a search box.....
    Game looks good BTW
  17. I'm pushing for them in our school but more for other subject areas rather than ICT itself.
  18. Try http://www.appcelerator.com/ for non Mac based app development for iOS devices.
  19. there is a great website: www.educationalappstore.com where they specialise only in Educational apps under all devices. You should check it out. I hope it helps. Let me know.

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