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iPad Application Development

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by cw0007007, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    I am a freelance iOS developer and my mother is teacher who has asked me to create a timetabling application for her. Her basic idea was to replace her daily planner with an application that she can use on her iPad2. I am writing this post to ask about potential interest in such an application and also get some feedback on features that would be useful to a wider audience. Also, if a lot of interest is shown I can send Beta versions of the application to people who had iPads to test, test and test again before release. If anyone would be interested then please reply with any ideas/requirements. The basic idea is listed in more detail below:

    Daily Planner View: A view that shows 6 Periods with a notes section at the bottom. This view is split into two columns, one to add a lesson plan and one to add notes for any homework set.

    The lessons for each week can be saved in templates and then be loaded into a new day with a few button presses.

    All days are saved and can be printed/emailed for record purposes.

    Notifications can also be setup to remind when homework is due by a class. This can be set for any time/day.

    This is some of the basic functionality and more can and will be added from feedback from testing users.
  2. Hi, I'd be very interested too. Sounds like a great idea!

    I would love it if the planner pages could be linked in with a timetable that you input perhaps once per year - with an option for 2-week timetables. Having to re-input your entire timetable into outlook every half term is a real pain!

    Look forward to hearing more about this.
  3. I am very interested.
  4. I'm interested -anyway to dictate how many lessons in a day - we only have 5 not 6...
    also have lots of extra-curricular stuff so somewhere to put bits about that too...

  5. lovely_lorz

    lovely_lorz New commenter

    I'm very interested! What a brilliant idea!
    A mark book section would be really handy too if that is even possible?! Xxx
  6. Hi,

    Very interested. This seems like a brilliant idea. When do you think this will be available?

  7. YesMrBronson

    YesMrBronson New commenter

    Other tablets are available.

    Mizbfirst (post 5): interesting that, after a five year wait to make your first post, it was this topic that piqued your interest.
  8. Will be available very soon.
  9. Thanks for the great feedback and response.

    We have made this specifically for UK teachers and have included most of the features mentioned here. So far you can:

    Create either 1 day or 1 week at a time. This will automatically fill in the lessons for that day based on what you fill in in the settings for each day or it will just put Period 1, Period 2 etc if you don't want to load the days in from that.

    You can delete a day at a time. You can select days from a list of created ones.

    You can add notifications and reminders, view and cancel them.

    The main use of the application will be lesson plan and homework set.

    We will look over your requests and add features that you mention. We will continue to develop this application even after launch so don't panic if a feature that you want isn't on there. Feel free to leave a review with feature requests or email me on here.

    We will keep you updated on the release of the application as well as a link when it's approved.

    We will be adding support for 5 lesson days as well as emailing days and printing days before release.
  10. For info- really good article on ipads on the front page at the bottom of helpmeteach.co.uk[​IMG]
  11. Hi,

    Yes this is something that is a common complaint about generic planner apps. As I said this is tailored to teachers so we have done things very differently. We are in the final phases of testing at the moment on schedule for a submission date for the 28th.

    Don't worry if something you need isn't in that release. We will continue to evolve and develop the application after release. So user feedback is very important to us. :)

    Website coming soon which will give you sneak peak at the application itself and how to use it.
  12. nellskip

    nellskip New commenter

    I'm interested! Lots of us have iPads (either provided by school or personal) and could really do with a decent planner app. Perhaps also allowing links to Pages, Numbers and Keynotes if you were putting planning into the planner and then could add a link to other apps? Or is that asking a little too much!!
  13. Hi,

    Not sure what you mean when you want links to iWork. Do you mean to transfer a days plan to iWork or vice versa ?

    We have all the features put in for the first release and are just testing it. We will be adding more features as they are requested.
  14. Very interested too!
  15. nellskip

    nellskip New commenter

    Hi :) So, say I had a power point created in keynote, could I put a link in my lesson plan (on your app) to go straight through to the pp on the other app? Looking forward to looking at it soon :)
  16. Yes please!!! Would be great!
  17. Im very interested, i use keynote a lot in my lessons as i can use my iPhone to connect to my iPad and control it remotely. I got very good praise for this for being able to move more freely around the classroom.
    Any applications that are useful for iPads that people know about would be great as well!
  18. Is now available in the app store.

  19. mm38

    mm38 New commenter

    Is it still called Teacher's Pet or have you changedt the name?

    As someone who just has an iPad I'm looking a planner APP to replace my paper one.
  20. Before I spend a fiver on this app, can you confirm it is still being improved and updated?

    Of particular interest to me would be (as people have mentioned before):
    - a grade book function
    - the ability to link to other files /apps(e.g. Presentations)

    Also, it would be great if there was online integration, if the info could be backed up to a website from which I could make adjustments, etc.

    Is there a way to import class lists from excel (for example)?

    Also, we're using www.edmodo.com on our class iPads, and as a parental communication platform. Integration with this, and other homework sites such as www.samlearning.com, would put it head and shoulders above anything else.

    If it did all of this, I'd happily pay a fair amout for it!

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