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iPad 2 and Dyslexic students

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by minnie me, Apr 5, 2011.

  1. minnie me

    minnie me Star commenter

    Yes u r right it is nothing to do with you. You need to do your homework on what constitutes good practice for 1:1 specialist teaching with students with SpLD.
  2. jazz2

    jazz2 New commenter

    Anything you post on a public forum becomes something to do with anyone who reads it.
    You didn't ask for opinions on your practice, but you aren't entitled to object if people do.
  3. minnie me

    minnie me Star commenter

    I just did
  4. Then I imagine you'll receive no further help here on this forum with that attitude!

    I wonder what the school's policy / AUP is on using games in lessons. Are these pupils extracted from all lessons to be taught (then I feel your approach is fine), or are they still members of some / all ICT lessons and lessons using a computer? If so, you're causing a heck of a lot of problems for other teachers in the school who don't use the 10 minute reward with those pupils or causing a two-tier climate for those that can and those that can't(!) There are some great learning apps on the iPad though which all pupils would enjoy, the piano app for example.
  5. minnie me

    minnie me Star commenter

    This is obviously the wrong forum for the advice I need. A specialist teacher of Dyslexia can work on a 1:1 with a student for an hr or 40 minutes. The session is highly structured and intensive multi-sensory in approach . It involves reading spelling handwriting practice and over learning to train the visual and auditory memory. The 'lesson' actually consists of 17 different parts and finishes with a reward like an interactive literacy based 'game' .It is important that the students who are often ict proficient finish on a successful note. Many SpLD students enjoy an ict element because it is kinaesthetic and works to their strengths.The 'game' will last for approx 5 minutes .Are all Ict teachers so quick to judge a practice they obviously know so little about and so quick to get hung up about ? Just because they (games)may be abused in your setting don't assume it happens everywhere !
  6. djphillips1408

    djphillips1408 New commenter

    You bought the wrong tool for the job and you start spitting at people because they don't agree with you. Not the best approach is it. I still can't see any justification as to why games are going to be an effective part of the learning process for this student from you either. Could it possibly be true that you might be wrong? Have you ever considered that? I mean could it be possible that a game is not in the educational interests of this dyslexic student?
  7. colwynexile

    colwynexile Occasional commenter

    To be fair DJ most SEN kids who are so special they need 1:1 support extrenally to a lesson will only focus for a short period of time, and that the aim of any 1:1 is not only to boost the educational aspect of the lesson, but also increae this by extending the period worked over time.
    It is also 'traditional' to offer a reward for work completed to the right standards and in the right state of mind, and what better than some sort of educational game that boost learning whilst being fun.
    This however should not be the norm when the pupil rejoins classes (either mainstream or SEN).
    My problem with this kid is not the kid, it's the support. If this is the attitude they bring when criticised, what sort of example are they setting to the pupil. Or is this a case of 'one rule for you and one rule for me'.
    Minnie - you haven't brought this to the wrong forum, in fact the posters here have a wealth of experience that it is not reasonably practical for any SENCO to develop ontop of their existing responsibilities. The only wrong thing is your attitude, which is rude, dismissive, condesending, patronising and frankly makes you look like a joke and makes us pity your charge. Do yourself a favour, re-read your replies and think what you would say if any of your SEN kids talk to you like that.
  8. minnie me

    minnie me Star commenter

    With respect I asked for technical help from the experts and was subjected to a critique of my pedagogy .
  9. colwynexile

    colwynexile Occasional commenter

    No, what you ask for was technical help, it was mentioned that it MIGHT not be the best way forward, and then you acted like a petulant teenager being told off because they weren't allowed to go out with their mates.
    This is then made worse after I defend your practice (having specifically taught SEN pupils within my normal timetable and having used similar practices with great effect) and you still act like one of the 'Bothered?' generation.
    The Ipad / Iphone / Ipod touch does give an opportunity for interactive learning with the hundreds of thousands of apps out there. However, you are not going to encourage people to take time to answer your question when you destroy the good will it takes to post a reply in the first place.
    I do sincerely hope you do not mirror this attitude with your charge because you seem to forget that not only are you teaching them academically, but that they will be looking to you to see the right way to act, behave, to be around people - coming across all matey and 'one of the lads' is not going to help their social development.
    At the end of the day you will either do what I said in my last post, and review your earlier statements, with a professional view, or you'll think I'm one of these nerdy geeks and why did you ever bother to ask us anything anyway. I hope its the former for your pupil's sake.
  10. minnie me

    minnie me Star commenter

    Oh just give it a rest ! !
  11. colwynexile

    colwynexile Occasional commenter

  12. colwynexile

    colwynexile Occasional commenter

    No, no, that should be 'bothered?'
    and possible QED for the grown-ups
  13. Ibuzzybea

    Ibuzzybea Occasional commenter

    Games in the classroom banned!! Interesting concept.

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