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IOP Teachers Awards 2012

Discussion in 'Science' started by Rachelaylmer, May 8, 2012.

  1. There’s no denying that teachers contribute an immense amount to any society, however sometimes do not achieve the recognition they deserve.
    The Institute of Physics (IOP) is looking to find the country’s best physics (secondary) and science (primary) teachers so we can shine a light on their dedication and commitment to teaching.
    If you know of an exceptional teacher that deserves a pat on the back - Why not nominate them for an IOP Teachers Award?
    Each year we recognise outstanding teachers of both primary school science and secondary school physics. Individuals are honoured alongside distinguished research scientists and industrialists at our Annual Awards dinner. In this way we recognise that without dedicated teachers there would be no physics research community or technological base in our society.
    We’re looking for teachers who are outstanding teachers of physics or primary science, have inspired pupils beyond the classroom have inspired and supported colleagues and have worked with the wider education community.
    Nominating a teacher is easy; simply go to www.iop.org/teachersawards to download a nomination form. All nominations must be in by 31 May 2012.
    Nominations close on 31 May 2012 so make sure you get your nomination in on time.
    If you have any questions, or need help with during the nomination process, please contact me via teachersawards@iop.org.

    Kind Regards,

    Rachel Aylmer
    Marketing Assistant
    Institute of Physics

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