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IOE waiting List for PGCE

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by uptheranch, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. Maybe you should ask that is the student teacher forum (rather than <u>prospective</u> student teacher). Find out if anyone there is currently doing their PGCE who was initially waitlisted.

    Also... if I were you I's call up IOE and speak to the course organiser or someone in the department who deals with admissions and ask them about the chances. They should be able to tell you the liklihood, or where on the list you are (are you first in line, or 10th?)

    Good luck!

  2. Hi :)

    Yes ... I was on the waiting list last year for a pgce place and have been accepted this year with an unconditional offer. I hope this helps. I initially applied for a full-time course (beginning 2010) but when I re-applied in September 2010 I applied as part-time.

    I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions as I know how stressful the wait can be!
  3. Hi ,
    Yes I got a place offered to me in July and it was based on a waiting list interview.
  4. cheers- I have contacted them
  5. Hey, I am also on a waiting list for a PGCE in IOE and in an absolute panic, how have you managed to get in touch with them? Every time I ring their admissions office no one picks up.. I really want to get an offer, it is such a stress not know what you will be doing next year, and I've always wanted to teach.
  6. hey! I feel the same way as you but I really don't think it is going to happen this year.
    You don't mention which subject you applied for but on th IOE Website you can find out the email address of the course tutor and contact them direct. When I contacted the course tutor he told me there were 23 students so far on the waiting list and apologised for the situation but it is highly unlikey they will have to make use of the waiting lists. All I can suggest is you contact your next choice and see what the situation is there but this is probably the worst year to apply for teacher training and I have given up all hope of getting in anywhere.
    Best of Luck

  7. Hi,

    I had an interview there this morning and they said that last year all 10 people on the waiting list got in. One person got the last place the day before the course started. They also said that you can go to your next choice but contact the admissions people and say you still want to stay on the waiting list.

    Although there are not many places this year, they also said they expect a lot of people to drop out because of financial difficulties.

    Hope this helps.
  8. Hey Kennedy84,
    You mention that you had an interview at the IOE this morning for the PGCE. Which subject did you apply for? And what was the procedure? I'm meant to have an interview there in a couple of weeks!! Helllllp!! [​IMG]
  9. Hi!

    My subject is Music. the interview was pretty simple. We were sent a 2 page doc of quotes from various education text books, and asked to use them and the National Curriculum to reflect on our own musical learning and development. We were told we would have to do a written exercise based on the task and have a group task, plus an individual interview. On the day, we did the written exercise; given about 50-60 minutes, then the course tutors spoke to us about the course for about 10/15 minutes, then we had individual interviews of about 20 minutes. (There was no group task).
    The questions were about why we wanted to teach, what we thought made a good teacher in an intercultural inner-London school, how we would conduct the first lesson of a year 7 class, etc. It's a good idea to brush up on the national curriculum for your subject, and issues in inner London schools (that seemed to be a big consideration at my interview).

    It was pretty relaxed, and I found it quite easy but that did mean it felt quite hard to stand out. The interview group was only with other music applicants, and it looked like all the other PGCE interviews were separated into subject groups too, so I couldn't say what happens in other subjects. The music staff were really friendly and reassuring, so hopefully you're interviewers will be too. Just try not to be too nervous, and good luck!
  10. Does GTTR say if you have a waiting list place, or does it just show as declined?
  11. I think for some ppl gttr has said rejected, so that they can go on to interview for actual places at other courses but keep a waiting list just in case. but i know this varies between institutions! any questions just ring gttr, they always seem quite helpful to me
  12. Yeah that's helpful thank you. I checked my GTTR after my interview at Leicester. It said unsuccessful but i went home that day and had a letter saying although there were no places at present, they are keeping my details on file.

    I wonder how many people do drop out and do they do waiting lists as in a first come first served sort of basis...
  13. hi there,

    just read that you had an interview at the IOE i have mine coming up too.. i would be greatful if you could offer me any advice. i have a 5min presentation first then individual interview to discuss changes in the post compulsory sector within last 5years..... please give me any advice/tips u can im totally lost
    i hope ur interview wen well
    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz reply
    many thanks
  14. Hey
    I know that most institutions are different so I can only tell you how it was for me but other people have different examples.
    Firstly, the presentation you normally have to give is pretty straightforward. It's usually subject related or for me it was putting qualities of teachers into priority order. This is actually a good opportunity to present yourself well and show how you cope talking in front of a group of people. The thing to remember is just to relax. If you're ok getting up in front of a group of strangers, you can probably do it in front of young people so present yourself as coherently as you can.
    The individual interview for me was quite informal. Just me and the interviewer. We had a good discussion about educational issues - If you can link it back to your subject, do. However have a read up on here and the BBC education link on the website. Even if you're just familiarising things you already know. It's better to talk confidently about one issue than ramble about things you don't know. They just want to see that you have an opinion but it's ok to not know everything. You're only human.
    Think about how the government have implemented restrictions over the years, how things have changed on the curriculum, child protection issues, academy status being more prevelant now...
    You'll be absolutely fine. Try not to panic. Be yourself, relax. Wear something comfortable. I don't 'do' suits so i tried to add a bit of personality to your outfit and above all, show passion for your subject/age range.
    Let us know how you get on. Where is your interview at?

  15. I think they have the waiting list in order, so you could be first reserve or you could be 10th etc, fingers crossed people drop out so we get a place
  16. hey everyone

    Just wanted to let you all know, i was on a waiting list and have been offered a place to do secondary english :) yay!
    Good luck everyone
  17. I've also been given a waiting list place, and was told that the waiting list was in order of the date people applied..and that they're doing another lot of interviews next month! At first I stressed about this, but now I'm thinking it can only be a good thing, as it must mean the number of people that don't accept their places must be pretty high?! Good luck to all [​IMG]

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