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IoE Secondary Music PGCE

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Kennedy84, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    I have an interview next Friday for the Secondary Music PGCE at the Institute of Education. I have been sent something to read, and prepare for the group task/interview questions, but no other information.

    Can anyone tell me what else I might be asked to do. I assume, although they haven't said, that I will need to perform something? At Greenwich I was asked to sing as well (although they didn't do that in the end - they clearly had decided before interviewing me that I wouldn't get a place!).

    Any tips or advice gratefully received!

  2. Just been told I don't need to prepare anything to perform! Seems a little odd to me, but there we are!
  3. Hi Kennedy
    I had an interview at the IOE (but for a different course) in December and have since been offered a place. I personally found the group interview quite hard, people spoke over each other quite a lot which I didn't expect. I didn't speak over anyone and ended up being the last to speak, which I was so worried about! So I guess come across as confident but not pushy? Current changes the government is making were what we discussed, so read up on what you can.
    Individual interview was better, good chance to put across why you want to do teaching, subject knowledge and talk about your school experience.
    Can't think of anything else to say... just ask if you have any other questions!
    Best of luck! x
  4. I had the same problem with the group exercise at Greenwich, actually, could barely get a word in edgeways. However, there was someone who didn't say anything at all, so I didn't feel too bad!

    My school placement is not till next week (starts the Monday after my interview on Friday), which I am a little worried about as I have no other experience. I guess if I can show my enthusiasm and knowledge it should be ok though.

    Thanks a lot for your help :)

    Congratulations on getting a place, by the way, what course will you be doing?

  5. Don't worry too much about not having any experience yet. That's not something I would have said a few weeks ago, but I've come across a few ioe people who got places with no experience! The fact you have some lined up will really work in your favour, make sure you let them know that. Talk about the timetable you have planned there, what you intend to observe e.g. different behavioural strategies, body language etc. The school behavioural policy may be on their website and ofsted report, and you can still brush up on a little on the curriculum of the subjects you'll be in from exam board sites i think (if you dont know what exam board just choose any will still give you some idea). Also when they ask you "do you have any q's" at the end, you could ask them for anything you should observe in particular? Plus, if you're worried about how the interview went, being in the school will take your mind off it and hopefully you'll love it and remind you why you're doing it!
    It's good you have practise of group interviews then. I'm really hoping the annoying girl that butted right in over me isn't there in September! I won't have forgiven her by then lol.
    Thanks [​IMG] social sciences! Have met no one on here doing the same (but they only had 16 places in the end) and no response from my post on the social sciences section on here. so no idea what to expect! think we all get some welcome days though so that will be good.
    Good luck! Post how it goes!
  6. I am one of those people!

    I had my interview for ICT PCGE at IOE in January. I was nervous because I hadn't been able to arrange any experience (I work full time so trying to get time off that lines up with when a school can have me was difficult - as well as just even getting schools to respond!)

    I was nervous because IOE website states that they strongly favour applicants with experience!

    I was honest in the interview and said i was struggling to find a school. However, the interviewer (the course organiser) said not to worry because there's penty of time to sort that before september and that they would be willing to put me intouch with some of their partner schools.

    A week after the interview I managed to organise a week in a school - through a friend. So IOE were not aware of this.

    I got a conditional offer - the condition being that I complete 5 days in a secondary school. As I had just done that I immediately sent them proof and my offer was immediately changed to unconditional - which I duly accepted!

    Good luck to everyone!
  7. Thanks, that's good to know. I have the same problem as I work full time, and only two schools have got back to me!
    My Greenwich interview was actually pretty enjoyable, although I sort of got the feeling at the time they had no intention of offering me a place!

    Thanks for the advice, I will update after my interview!
  8. You were one of the people i was talking about! As well as Avishalom.
    Kennedy... I'd say if you have little experience but interview well it will level it out (my experience thankfully must have compensated for my wobbly interview!)
  9. OK so the interview this morning was really simple. Just had to write something on my own musical learning, and have a short (20 min) individual interview. I'm kind of worrying there was something else after the interviews as I was expecting a group task!

    They said they would decide today so hopefully I will hear next week. I had a horrible cold and felt like I was going to faint all morning, so I'm not sure I came across as strong as I could :-( but we will see!
  10. Glad you didn't have to have a group interview! Well done, sure you did great, hope you hear soon!

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