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IOE Secondary English Students

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by shoegal44, May 17, 2011.

  1. shoegal44

    shoegal44 New commenter

    Hello everyone!

    I received an email about the welcome day on June 13th, but I am totally confused about the timings! I cannot work out what time I am supposed to go to what! I think that my brain is giving out on me just as I'm trying to finish my degree!!

    If anyone could shed any light I would be very grateful. I'm just panicking as I get home from the Isle of Wight festival on the 13th and I would like to have enough time to go home and have a bath before the event. I'd be billy no mates in September if I turned up at the welcome day smelling like a festival!!!!
  2. Hello!
    I think you can either be there at 3.45, for the talk with Sheila King, Faculty Director, or if you want to there's an optional talk about fees and funding at 2pm.
    Look forward to meeting you there!
  3. shoegal44

    shoegal44 New commenter

    Thanks for that Becky!

    I think I'll give the fees and funding talk a miss, I already have quite a sound knowledge of how to get myself into debt!

    See you there!

  4. I'll see you ladies there on the 13th!
    Have either of you fixed your Primary School Experience up yet? I think I have no choice but to do it the week of the 5-9th September as I already work as a TA and it's unlikely that I'll be able to take a week off school for it. I have a few potential schools in mind, and a colleague offered to set me up with a school in a neighbouring borough, but after writing to the Head I've heard nothing back. Any tips appreciated!
  5. Hi everyone,
    I'm doing my primary school visit on w/c 6 June. I don't think it's ideal because the school I'm visiting won't be in normal teaching mode but I was so grateful to be offered a week and have my placement secured I just grabbed at it. I'm having to take a week off work to do it, but it will be worth it.
    To get the placement I just made a list of all the schools in my area and started calling them. Amazingly the first one I called put me sraight through to the head and she just booked me in. I offered to send her my CV and a list of the tasks I have to do but she said she's drowning in paperwork so I should just show up. That made me think calling is definitely the best thing to do.
    Good luck!
  6. Does anyone know can you pay the CRD and Occupational Health forms in cash?!
  7. Ringing up does sound like the best idea, then. As this placement was being arranged through a colleague who has a good friend at the school, I haven't wanted to seem pushy as she's doing me a big favour by putting a word in for me. But I wrote to the Head over 3 weeks ago now and have still heard nothing. I'll check with my colleague and give the school a ring on Monday, as I do need to get this sorted.

    Thanks everyone.

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