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IOE Primary PGCE students to start September 2011

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by clarebear84, May 11, 2011.

  1. Just been offered my place today, and was wondering who else will be starting the primary PGCE at the Institute of Education in September?
    Get in touch [​IMG]
  2. Hi I have just been in to IoE to sort CRB and other soca. Quite excited now :)
    Are you a student or leaving a job to start the course?
  3. I'm starting the Primary PGCE in September too! I went to the document drop off thingy last week but managed to not bring my passport, so my crb check will be delayed until I go back with all the documents at the July 15th day. I feel like such a 'nana!

    Anyone starting in September who's looking to move into London but not into the shockingly expensive student halls? I have no idea when to begin my house-share hunt..!
  4. Nakeli, are you doing the full time course? Do you know if it's just one group of us for the primary PGCE or is there more than one group?? :)
  5. I am doing the one year full time course. Um... not sure about how we're all divided up, or if we are at all! I guess we'll find out specific primary PGCE info at the talk/day thingy in July :)
  6. I'm in the same situation, leaving my job at the end of July- it feels really exciting but a bit scary too!
    I have seen the prices for the IoE halls- they are comparable to privately rented ones but usually a bit smaller (the biggest advantage is living right next to the actual IoE buildings and decent standard of rooms). Pointyboots is right, try www.gumtree.com to see the rooms/ prices.
    I look forward to seeing you all on 15 July (two days before my birthday, btw :) )!
  7. Hey, I've recently done the primary PGCE at IoE so thought I might be able to answer some of your questions! As to groups, we were split alphabetically by surname for our teaching groups, and then had area groups as well for the placements and supervision tutors. Then you have to chose your specialist masters level subjects and you'll be in different groups again for these. Sounds quite complicated but actually is fine once you get used to it,
    They'll ease you in gently but it will get harder, so try to get ahead as much as you can. The bits when you'll be busiest is on placement. You teach a 90% timetable by the summer placement, but right from the autumn term I was in school 8 until 6 every day and planning in the evenings. So long as you have got essays and tasks out of the way as much as possible whilst you aren't in school it's definitely manageable though.
    Good luck to you all! :)
  8. Hey, I'm starting in September.
    Looking for somewhere to live, like you say it's rather expensive, but doable with the loans and a part time job (speaking of which, is anyone else going to hold down an evening job whilst studying? I know they advise against it, but its that or I have to drop out 'cos of finance.) My boyfriend already lives in London, so we're looking for a double bedroom in a flatshare somewhere on the outskirts.
    My cousins both finished primary PGCE's last year and they said the same thing: don't expect to have it all done perfectly and on time, it's all about taking the criticism and learning, It's like learning to drive: you learn, you pass the test, then you REALLY learn when you start doing it everyday.
    How many specialist masters subjects can you choose btw?
    And anyone else as excited for September as I am??? [​IMG]
  9. Hey,

    I'm also looking for somewhere to live on the outskirts of London. I've signed up to Spareroom.com and easyroommate.com too... it's difficult though on such a small budget and trying to find a room big enough (ie. double bed and a desk!) so I could have guests over occasionally...

    Excited for September :D But currently finding a room to rent is worrying me greatly!
  10. One compulsory masters level unit in learning and teaching, then you choose a subject specialism at masters and one other masters unit from inclusion, primary professional practice and wider contexts. Heard really good things about ppp (the deadlines were more spaced out), though I did inclusion and that was quite good. From what I remember we had to choose our options pretty quickly (at the orientation day in July I think) so definitely something to think about beforehand.
    Oh, and nobody looked at or asked about our pre course tasks, so although I found them useful to look at, I wouldn't worry about doing them in huge depth. My advice would be to spend the summer reading kids books and looking round the internet for good places for resources instead, saves loads of time when on placements if you already have an idea where to go!
    Good luck with the room hunting!
  11. Well it is my birthday on the 15th so I should be having an interesting birthday. Really looking forward to it as I have handed in my notice this week and only have six weeks left of my job. :)
    Thanks for all the info Alice. Do you think it matters, helps with job hunting or anything as to which masters unit you choose or not make a difference?
  12. You are very welcome [​IMG]
    A lot of it depends on where you want to teach I think. I for example did language and literacy in the multilingual classroom as my subject specialism (not my first choice), which I could imagine being a good selling point in some areas, although up in North Hertfordshire it's a bit unnecessary.
    What with it being such a hot topic in recent years I can imagine that inclusion looks good to schools, and less popular subjects like maths and science as specialisms probably set you apart from the crowd a bit (and apparently they were both brilliant).
    Ultimately though, I think it makes very little difference, everyone I knew on the course got jobs regardless of what they chose to do. I think it's more important just to chose things that you think you'll enjoy, the essays, project and presentations are a lot of hard work, and researching something you are interested in makes things that bit easier!
  13. And having said all this they could of course have completely changed the modules and structure for this year! (I think it's unlikely though)
  14. Hey Pointyboots... was wondering if you'd checked the status of your CRB after handing everything in in May. I had a look yesterday using the form reference number and the system said my form had not been received by the Bureau yet..... the Institute have cashed by cheque though.... does this mean they are being slack sending them off or that mine has got left behind??
  15. I have just had a chance to check it and found that it was only sent on 05/07/11 so they have done a couple of parts of the search and now need to send it on to the poliece forces before sending it to me. Hopefully yours was sent with mine and they are processing it now but it seems odd that it has only just been received .
  16. I had an interview for Primary with French last Friday and I got an unconditional offer yesterday! I'm obviously excited, but also a bit nervous, which I suppose is only natural. I'm just wondering as to what the people who already had places did on the 15th as well. Did you put down your choices (i.e. Masters modules, preferences for age groups etc), and will a similar event be held for those who have only just got on?
  17. Sorry, what I meant to say was: does anyone know when a similar event will be held for those who have only just got on? [​IMG]
    (for some weird reason, I couldn't edit my post, so that's the reason for the double post)
  18. I got an offer after last Friday's interviews too and I'm similarly elated / terrified! I don't think we get a choice of modules on the French option, which is one less thing to get sorted at least. I'm planning to call in with all my CRB / occupational health / placement forms next week and see if anyone can clarify what else we need to do - will report back...

  19. Hi On the 15th we had a session on poetry in the primary classroom where one of the lecturers tried to inspire i us a love of poetry - was really fun as we all ended up singing snatches of hymns, lullabys etc. Then a session on our fears for the year ahead and what we could do to combat them - get organised, support, brush up on subjects we are nervous about etc.
    In the afternoon various lecturers for the three main subjects basically told us to brush on weak areas, where to find information on pre-course tasks ( http://www.ioe.ac.uk/study/teacherTraining/23428.html ) and just generally not to be afraid. The maths lecturer especially really focussed on this and was very nice. There was very little info on options and apparently that info will be available from the 15th August, will be first come first served and all choices need to be posted in by the 27th of August. I doubt they will have another pre-course session as we weren't really given much and hopefully most of the cohort was already there (the hall was very full). I am sure if you ask the guys and the IoE office they can give you a few things you may have missed. Enjoy the summer was the main thrust so I am off to do just that:) Hope that was helpful.
  20. Thanks, Pointyboots - that's really useful. Glad we've been officially advised to enjoy the summer!

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