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IOE Primary PGCE Sept 2012

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by luv_a_duck, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. luv_a_duck

    luv_a_duck New commenter

    Hi Emma,
    I've already left a message on your interview post (congratulations again!) and I too am starting a Primary PGCE IOE in September.
    I'm also starting to read up on Maths, English and Science - there's so much I need to revise but it slowly seems to be coming back.
    I'm sure we'll have an enrollment day in June/July. Did they mention any dates when you had your interview. Mine was in January so quite a while ago now. The term dates are now on their website so at least that is helpful.
    Exciting times ahead!
    Jo x
  2. Hi guys,

    I'm starting the PGCE primary at IOE in Sept as well :) Just thought I'd come and say Hi.

    I'd love to know what books (if any) you've been looking at? I really want to have something to read or do but I'm holding out for an official list. I've been checking here: http://www.ioe.ac.uk/studentinformation/23428.html every so often but they haven't updated Primary yet.

    That website does have last years specialism booklet, so maybe have a look and a think about which one you'd choose?

    Leanna x

    ps. When were your interviews?
  3. luv_a_duck

    luv_a_duck New commenter

    Hi Leanna,
    Congratulations on your place at IoE!
    My interview was on 24th January - it feels like ages ago now.
    I keep checking the website too and willing it to change. I feel like I've already read all the information a hundred times over. The term dates have been updated though so I suppose that's something.
    I have been looking at the QTS standards books that are widely recommended on Amazon and have picked up a few of the books listed in last year's pre-course tasks booklet on Ebay. There are some good bargains to be had at the moment!
    I guess we'll find out about everything sooner or later! ;0)
    See you in September!
    Jo x
  4. HI Jo and Leanna! Congratulations to you both!

    My interview was on the 26th April, I was really worried in my prep for the interview but found the day itself OK, the lady that interviewed me was really friendly, the only problem for me was the maths test - which I thought would be the easiest bit! I'm just going to read up some more.

    I too have been looking at books at IOE's list. I've ordered one general book off amazon only because it was like £3 but I think I'm going to wait for IOE to upload details. They said on my letter that we can go to the IOE library before the course starts and take our letter to get us in, so I might just do that and use their curriculum books for a few days- or keep checking back on Amazon/ebay. Jo - which books did you get curriculum books? Is there a particular make? i.e Letts books or another kind?

    I'm really excited about the induction day :) at my interview they said the 20th July would most likely be the induction day, I assume that's the same for all of us! So I'll see you guys there??!

    Have a great weekend!

    Emma x
  5. Oh also Jo in response to the specialism, I'm defo interested in Geography I'll put that as my first choice and see what happens! What KS are you interested in?

    Emma x
  6. luv_a_duck

    luv_a_duck New commenter

    Hi Emma,
    I've also heard that it's the 20th July. It's a real shame as it would have been my last day working as a TA and I would have missed out on all the end of year rituals. However, the school is now open on Monday 23rd so it's not so bad, although I'll miss the Leaver's Assembly and I'm sure that lots of children won't come into school for just one day, so I'll miss saying goodbuye. Heigh ho - I suppose that's life!
    I have bought the maths, science and English audit and knowledge and understanding books published by Learning Matters. They seem quite detailed. I also bought the maths guide and workbook by Haylock. There are some good offers on second hand copies if you spend the time looking around.
    I wanted to stock up on stationery as well while I was still earning. I think I've got too much already - went a bit made on Ebay and have ended up with 10 Berol handwriting pens for £3 and 10 tippex mice for £5. I appear determined to be prepared! ;0)
    At the moment I'm leaning towards EYFS and KS1. I've spend the last year working in Year 5 but have previous experience working in KS1 and feel far more comfortable and rewarded in that environment. However, I worry that I'm cutting myself off from job opportunities in KS2 further down the line. What KS are you thinking of doing?
    I'm thinking of Children's Literature as my specialism as it's something that's always interested me and I've spent a lot of time working in children's bookshops and libraries. But my degree is in History, so I'm slightly swayed towards that as well.
    I guess there's still time to ponder and worry and decide about all these things!
    Have a fab long weekend!
    Jo x
  7. padjo

    padjo New commenter

    Hi everyone. I'm starting the Primary PGCE at IoE this September as well and am really looking forward to it. I'll see you all on the July date and, like you, am finding books that I think will be interesting and useful. I'm going for the KS1 and KS2 option and would like to teach KS1. For the specialism, I'm going for French. My biggest worry? My handwriting. Must try harder. All the best and see you in autumn.

    PS there was a question on the maths test which I either misremembered or which had no solution. About remainders when a particular number was divided. Anyone remember the one I mean?
  8. Hi Padjo,
    YES! I remember that one I was asking everyone after, something like one number you divide by 2 with 1 remainder than divide by 4 with 2?! something like that, I think it was impossible!

    Congrats for getting in!

    Handwriting? I'm going to buy one of those custom stamps with 10 lines for my marking, just adapt them for positive criticisms! haha. I'm sure your handwriting can't be that bad??

    See you in July!
  9. Hi guys!

    Quick question: Have you all submitted the 'Suitability Declaration' form? If you have did you submit it electronically? If you did how did you sign it?

    I printed it off, completed it and scanned it back in and emailed it, but I'm not sure that was the right thing to do :s

    Thanks for all the book recommendations, I'm off to ebay/amazon/etc to have a browse :)

    I've been buying stickers, I really love stationary but I'm trying to hold off for a little while longer.

    Yeah they said the induction day was on the 20th July during the interview, I hope they stick to that :)

    I do remember that question Padjo, remember it because I couldn't answer it haha. I had 30 seconds left looked at it and thought...I'll leave that one!

    Congratulations to all who got onto the course!

  10. Hey! yeahh the declaration, when I clicked on the sign box it came up with this whole procedure of verifying who i was and making an electronic signature with a pin! very random, think it was like a electronic signature that i can use on anything now, and that kind of signed it!

    But I'm sure signing then scanning back in works too, they didn't really say on the email what format they wanted it in!

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