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IOE primary pgce interview

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by clarep74, Mar 20, 2011.

  1. I was interviewed at Bishop Grossteste a few weeks ago and the english assessment was to analyse a good lesson that I had observed and talk about which parts of it I would use as a teacher. Maths started with a times table test and then 10 questions - only one I couldn't do was about probability. My daughter is in year 7 and she has just done it so really not that hard. I've posted on your separate thread about current issues. Hope that helps and good luck
  2. Thanks Hellie, helps a lot! Also, what educational issues did they ask you about? Or did you talk about what you wanted? Any ideas? Sorry for all the questions! :)
  3. EJDW

    EJDW New commenter

    Hi Clare and Hollie, Any ideas on your educational issue or a plan for a good lesson? The lessons I\ve observed I didn't really pick up anything to really talk about so I've been looking online?

    Any help appreciated, my interview is 26th April!
  4. EJDW

    EJDW New commenter

    sorry, Hellie not Hollie! I need to sleep!

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