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IOE PGCE Primary Interview 25/01 - Not heard back yet and getting rediculously nervous!

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by tonysch85, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. Just wondering if anyone here had an interview at IOE on the 25th and has heard back yet. I know they said two weeks but I'm starting to get worried! I don't feel like the day went very well and am worried that they may have offered most of the places for this year already! Does anyone have any idea how many people they interview????
  2. Just wondering if anyone here had an interview at IOE on the 25th and has heard back yet. I know they said two weeks but I'm starting to get worried! I don't feel like the day went very well and am worried that they may have offered most of the places for this year already! Does anyone have any idea how many people they interview????
  3. Hi, the waiting's awful isn't it.
    You might've done better than you thought. I always find it hard to gauge how I've done, & then I can't remember exactly what I said etc. & start over-analysing everything...

    If they said 2 weeks then you're halfway through the wait. Good luck :eek:)
  4. Hiya - me too - I was there on the same day and it feels a long, long time ago. Other people who posted before Christmas found out exactly a week afterwards on Track but that might have been because IoE were trying to get the info out before Christmas. I've tried desperately not to think about it before tomorrow but have to confess to looking on Track several times today! With it being Friday as well that's going to mean a whole weekend of waiting before we can check again....it's agonising isn't it?! I just want to know one way or the other now, I hate being in limbo.

    Anyway - hopefully we'll both know soon and hopefully it'll be good news.

    PS - did you find it quite disconcerting that the presentation they gave to us sounded as if we'd already got places?
  5. I know that presentation was awful! Really didn't help to settle my nerves at all!

    I hope it all goes well! Hope to meet you in September!!!
  6. *bump*

    Still no news this end - anyone else? This waiting is horrible - the more time I have the more I'm regretting!!!

  7. No news here! Getting reallllllllly nervous... don't think I can wait until Friday! I don't think I've ever felt this apprehensive about anything in my life!!! :-S

    Best of luck! Let me know how it goes!
  8. Me too. I've now convinced myself that I've not got a place and am full of doom and gloom. I rang them this afternoon in sheer desperation and was told that some people got told via GTTR on Monday and the rest of us will know by Friday - helpful. Not sure that will make you feel any better than it makes me feel but (selfishly!) I'm glad you've not heard either!!!!

    Fingers crossed for both of us - maybe no news will be good news. I applied for part-time primary so am now wondering whether as the course takes twice as long, the response following interview will also take twice as long!

    All the best,
  9. Hi guys,

    I was there on 25th at IOE too. I just had a look on track and found out I have been offered an uncondition place so check yours as your results may be up there too.

    Good luck!
  10. I mean unconditional not uncondition
  11. I'm in too. Phew!

    Tonysch85 - have you heard? Fingers crossed it was good news.
    zjaffer - what did you apply for?

    See you in Sept!

  12. I'm in too! Full time Primary PGCE starting in September! See you all then!!!!! :)
  13. Woo-hoo - well done you! Glad we all got in. Ah the relief!

    See you in September!!!
  14. Just out of interest did I meet either of you on the day of the interview? I was the nervous guy in a pink shirt!
  15. I have to say, I was so nervous I tried to avoid talking to anyone. I was sat on the right hand side of the room during the presentation and next to one of the few blokes - though I don't think in a pink shirt. I was suited and, unusually for me, quiet so I doubt anyone will remember me - except the lady who I chatted with in the loos and then mutually agreed not to chat with any more so we could both concentrate and a bloke who lit up next to me when we were outside and I had to walk off before I was tempted to beg one off him to calm my nerves (even though I'm not really a smoker)!

    Did you talk to many people? I'm kind of curious to know how many of us didn't get in given the way they phrased the whole presentation. Still hasn't really sunk in here. I live in North London and loads of the schools really rate IoE so part of me thinks it'll help when we're applying for jobs as well. What a relief!

  16. Hey,

    I applied for the full-time primary pgce.


  17. I did speak to a few people although the days a bit of a blur now. I guess I'll see whether they made it in September. I'm working as a TA at a school in East London (although I also live in North London!) and everyone there seems to rate IoE too. Now the only question is whether to pick the KS1 and KS2 option, or upper and lower KS2. Although I'm a bit more comfortable in KS2 I'm thinking it might be nice to get some KS1 experience just incase a good job comes up in an infant class. Either way I'm now counting down the days until September!!! :)
  18. Snap - working as a TA in a Reception class in Enfield. Foundation stage curriculum and the way they are assessed and monitored is massively different to how it is at KS1 and KS2 - I'm planning to do Foundation Stage and KS1. My personal feeling is that I want to end up teaching Reception children anyway but by doing FS and KS1 I end up with knowledge of both "curriculums". The difference between KS1 and KS2 seems far less pronounced than between FS and KS1 - but they seem to be hoping to make this less so (with Y1 getting closer to FS). Oh dear - the problem is I find ALL of it interesting! Can't wait to get stuck in.
    Are you a bit worried about going from actual hands on working with kids in a school to looking more at the theory? Part of me thinks that already having work experience in a school may make us feel quite frustrated at not being able to just get on with it. That said, if you're full time you'll be able to get stuck in far sooner than me. Jammy thing!

  19. It doesn't really worry me at all to be honest! I feel like I've had a good amount of practical experience in terms of communicating with children and behaviour managment, whereas I'm quite looking forward to learning and debating the theory behind teaching methods. Having said that I am quite looking forward to getting the opportunity to plan and deliver my own lesson. I just hope I get a nice class during my placement!!!
  20. EJDW

    EJDW New commenter

    Well done guys! I've got my interview on 26th April and that's nerve racking enough trying to learn the NC and plan answers. Do you guys have any tips you would be kind enough to offer me? Any advice most welcome! Did you know a lot about the National Curriculum or was it specific topics that you were asked on? How about your educational issue, or how you would construct a lesson? One last question - would you say the interview was more in depth and harder than the presentation, or were the tests the hardest?

    Thank you for your time :)

    Maybe see you in September?

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