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IOE ICT Secondary PGCE : 2011/2012

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by uptheranch, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. Hi All,

    Was wondering if anybody had had their decision for the Secondary PGCE in ICT at IOE?

    I had my interview on 10th January...but still no news.

    According to GTTR site the providers have until today to make their decisione (for all aplications they received before 1st December) - they received mine in October.

    Has anyone heard yet?
  2. Aaahh...apparently they decided to move the deadline! Clearly a lot of providers weren't gonna be able to make their final decisions by the 19th (I suspect because it took so long for the government to decided on funding)... they've now said that providers can have until February 14th. Waiting another 26 days is gonna drive me insane!!
  3. Is this the same for at all universities? I applied for ICT Secondary PGCE in novemeber and had my interview a week ago now. The wait is terrible isn't it!
  4. According to GTTR website all universties have to inform them of their decision by February 14th for all applications they received before December 1st (regardless of then you interviewed - unless they specifically askf or more time, but then we'd have to be informed that they asked for more time)


    I had my interview last Monday and checked that same day when i got home these dates and the website said January 19th...so i was hoping to hear by today...but no sign so i checked again...and low and behond they have suddently extended the deadline for the unis.

    Hate this waiting!
  5. Rather than start a whole new topic...

    Has anyone who applied for the ICT PGCE at IOE heard yet?

    This wait is wrecking my head! And they've only got 14 places this year - surely it can't be that hard to know from the people he interviewed the 14 that he'd want on the course!
  6. Hi,
    Had my interview for ICT in November.... not heard anything still. How many people were at your interview? There were 3 in mine...... the wait is killing me... keep checking my mails!

    Anyway, good luck with yours!
  7. I had my interview on 10th January. I was in a group of 6. There was another group of 6 waiting to go in as we were leaving and I believe they had done a group in the monring too!

    The course organiser who was doing the interview said they had received more than 200 applications and that they interview about 50% of applicants...so they have to cut about 100 interviewees down to 14!


    Fingers crossed! Good luck to you too!
  8. [​IMG] 14 out of 100!!!
  9. I know! How horrible is that!

    When I asked whilst at my interview, Adrian Mee (the course organiser) said they were expecting/hoping for 20-21 places - around the same as they'd had in previous years...but then the lovely government decided to slash it to 14!

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