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Investors in pupil target boards - help!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by missdolly7, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. Hey everyone!
    I am struggling to think of ideas for both my individual target board and the whole class target board. I am teaching in year 6 for the first time and don't have a clue what they will relate to! Any ideas?
  2. <h2> <font face="Calibri">I take it you need to show some kind of movement or progress towards the target on the display.</font><u><font face="Calibri">Individual:</font></u><font face="Calibri">How about a race track where they all have their own race car that they move along? Rockets with laminated numbers to blue tack on each time they do something to meet their target? (3, 2,1 blast off)</font><u>Class target:</u>
  3. Argh! Don't know what happened to the formatting there! Sorry!
  4. Thanks for the ideas getrichquick! What are year 6s into? I have no idea! I don't want to do something that they think is babyish or they just don't get! I think I am feeling pressured by the smallest thing at the minute! Argh. Focus missdolly, focus!
  5. I made personalised target cards for my Y2 class by making a speechbubble on powerpoint, and inserting a picture of their face next to it with "My targets are.." on the top, then printing and laminating for each child.

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