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investigating coasts, new to yr 5 help!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by littlemy111, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. littlemy111

    littlemy111 New commenter

    I am moving into year 5 in January and have never taught this year group before. I have been told my termly topic is coasts (not inspiring me at all!) and was wondering if anyone would be happy to share their ideas and/or planning with me as not only am I starting from scratch, our new head has also introduced a new planning format....this is going to take me weeks....
  2. I have a LCP Geography scheme, used for supply as a fall back in emergencies.
    This scheme has the following lessons:
    1. What is a coast?
    2. How do coasts change? (1)
    3. How do coasts change? (2)
    4. How do coasts change? (3)
    5. What do people do on the coast?
    6. Why do we need to protect the coastline?
    7. Waves and beaches
    8. -14 Coastal fieldwork investigations
    15. Presentation of fieldwork
    16. Why do people visit the coast?
    17.-19 How are decisions made about looking after the coastline?
    The unit is described as a long one, and alternative to the investigation of rivers.

    Hope the above gives some ideas. Surely your school format will specify more.
    If I can be of help, I'll do my best.
  3. Here's a bit of research:
    Changing coastline, losing coast: Holbeck Hall Scarborough 1993, fell into the sea:
    changing coastline, adding coast: Orford no longer a port
  4. littlemy111

    littlemy111 New commenter

    thanks for those ideas, really helpful. I'll have a look to see if we have the LCP file in school as I have a feeling it's there somewhere!
  5. I think you'll need to plan a trip or residential. If you can find a suitable place and resources, it shouldn't be too bad. there must be scope to make it interesting,large wall map, or 3D model.
    Links to climate change with loss of coastline or potential for more loss.
    Interesting what dredgers bring up from the English Channel, as it use to be a land bridge, pre last global warming.


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