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Inventors and Geography - Any ideas?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by triathlete, Apr 14, 2011.

  1. I want to do inventors or something along those lines after Easter to tie in with explanation texts and we'll be 'inventing' telephones in Science. My problem is that I've not done much Geography this year so I'll need to do some and I can't think of an obvious link. After half term I'm going to do Journeys which will obviously take in a lot of Geography, but I'd like to do some this half term too. Anyone got any ideas?

    ROSIEGIRL Senior commenter

    Inventors and /or Explorers - lots of scope there!
  3. How about early communications? For example radio? Early signals accross the channel? The laying of telegraph cables all over the planet?
    The GPS satellites - they were invented and now span the globe?
    Or, how about looking at Ironbridge in Shropshire? Birthplace of the industrial revolution. Lots of invention and all made possible by the geography - ie the coal, iron and water as well as it's central(ish) location in the UK?
    How about ship development? Brunel's SS Great Britain? First screw driven steam ship (I think) and all to do with international trade and travel. Where was it built? Where did it go?
    Aircraft? From the Wright brothers to transatlantic flight in a very short space of time.
    I hope any of that helps.
  4. Thanks for all your ideas everyone, you've given me plenty to think about. [​IMG]
  5. marlin

    marlin Star commenter

  6. Fantastic Oxfam link. Thanks!
  7. kerrytd

    kerrytd New commenter

    You can certainly do some work on phones and geography, especially social geography. Start with some statistics about mobile phones eg more people in the world have a mobile phone than a toilet. You can use a world map to map mobile phone density (like population density in the front of an atlas). Depending on year group they could do their own research or you could simplify from the following website
    Discuss the impact of mobile phones on communities in developing countries.
    Look at the components in a mobile phone. Where do the raw materials come from? Where are the different components manufactured? By whom? Track the journey of the phone from source to sale in your local shop.
    Will require research on your part but interesting issues raised as well as mapping opportunities.

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