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Introduction of a business or vocational MFL course... Help required

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by wp72, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. Hope that someone here will be able to help.

    We are looking to introduce a business or vocational MFL course for lower ability KS4 learners for whom a more traditional full or short course at GCSE level is not suitable. I have found the Asset course which focuses on the world of work. I have 2 questions really....

    1 - Does anybody know of an accredited alternative which teaches the kinds of Language learners might need to use in a field of work rather than as a tourist (the Asset course seems to be aimed at a professional workplace which may not be the most appropriate for the profile of learner we will have doing the course!)?

    2 - Can you recommend a suitable course or set of resources which might facilitate the introduction of this kind of course? Alternatively, are there any courses which look great, but should be avoided at all costs?

    We are looking to introduce this from September, so really need to get a shake on with curriculum planning. Any help, advice, support would be more than gratefully received!

  2. Have you had a look at http://www.ilanguages.co.uk/? - looks like it might be the kind of thing you're after. I think it offers NVQ, which is vocational.
  3. lucyrose50

    lucyrose50 Occasional commenter

    I can recommend NOT doingthe NVQ Language for Business course - we did it for a few years and it was dreadful. It's nothing but assessment after assessment, the amount of paperwork is ridiculous, there are very few resources available for it (we made our own from scratch and then only used them for a couple of years) and you basically teach to an assessment, do the assessment, start teaching to the next assessment...ad nauseum. Avoid at all costs!
  4. I am sorry I cannot make any suggestion as to a course. I wonder if the problem is that at this very basic level of language use, courses are tailor made in house. For example a Eurostar traindriver would need to know a different set of vocab/ structures in French to a barrista on the train.
  5. Many thanks to all for the advice so far. It is much appreciated [​IMG]

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