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Introducing Rocks

Discussion in 'Science' started by jackie rea, Mar 31, 2011.

  1. Get them to go 'mining' for gold. What percentage of gold (chocolate chips) is in rock (the biscuit) gets them to calulate %, being accurate for getting 'pure' gold and then show pics of a variety of mines and you can do an APP for Applications and Consequences on how mining affects the planet but why we need the resources in rocks.
  2. Thanks for all the ideas, I'll probably use all of them throughout the topic.

    I ended up giving them samples of rocks and magnifying glasses and asked them to describe them. They were actually really interested and made a good job of it. I then moved on to weighing the samples before and after placing them in water.

    I'm looking forward to making volcanoes, singing songs and all your other suggestions later in the topic.

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