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Interviews...what went well or really wrong?

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by anon874, Mar 13, 2011.

  1. I went a bit crazy on one interview lesson. Instead of the usual MFL holiday lesson of listening and repeating holiday vocab.... I had them designing their own "holiday island".

    My lesson went slower than I had planned (and it was only 30mins) and the bell went for break time. In the feedback afterwards I was told they were amazing because all the pupils were still engaged and trying to finish off their island...
    I didn't like to suggest it was because a member of SLT was sat there too! I got the job!

    Another interview I had to teach a group sports/hobbies and went for the traditional listen, repeat, use approach. I did get pupils up at the front acting out sports etc.... I then discovered they were acting out sports/hobbies I'd not taught them that half lesson....... The previous candidate had just given a lesson on the exact same topic so it was hard for me to show they'd learned anything from me because the pupils seem to view it as one lesson taught by 2 people.
  2. I had four interviews before I got my current NQT job. By far the worst was the one where I was taken to the classroom to "set up" and the class were already sat in there waiting for me. I couldn't get the laptop to start up and there was a row of 8 adults sitting along the back of the classroom, none of which I was introduced to.
    I struggled with the technology for a few minutes (which felt like an eternity), before I had to ask someone for a password to log on. None of the adults seemed to know so I had to majorly modify my plan, and quickly. There was no flip chart or whipe clean white board in the room, so I had to write on A4 paper and hold them up.
    Needless to say, I didn't get the job!!!
    I believe it went to the candidate who had been working in the school for over ten years on temporary contracts, and who got to teach her own class in her own classroom.....

  3. At the interview where I got my job 2 of the candidates did not save their powerpoint presentations to the old version of ppt... they didn't work on the interactive whiteboards and they had to do without...some quick thinking required there! would have really thrown me.
  4. My major learning point is to ask what 'a group' is. At one interview I was told I should prepare a 5-minute M&O starter in maths for a mixed ability Y2 group. I assumed that would therefore be something like a whole class or at least 10 childre. In the end I got 4 ... it went terribly because I had prepared something that was fairly interactive for a larger group but for 4 children I could have done so much more. Looking back, I don't know why I just assumed - I should have picked the phone up and asked! It's just that to me M&O starter suggests that it is part of a lesson not a small-group activity!
  5. My first interview I let a child go to the toilet, which I was then penalised for in my feedback. I thought that very unfair, I had no idea when the breaktimes were and for all I know that child has bladder problems!
    I too taught a lesson to a group which had just had the exact same lesson from another interviewee, personally I think thats bad organisation on the schools part.
  6. Absolutely - how were you to know what the school's 'policy' on that would be? Very unfair to use it against you in feedback.

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