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Interviews .... Jakarta

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by tomyum, Nov 19, 2015.

  1. tomyum

    tomyum New commenter

    Hi all,

    Not posted in a long while, but have been overseas for several years.

    Am waiting on a response from Jakarta: has anyone applied and/or heard anything yet?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Syria1

    Syria1 New commenter

    Deadline for applications only closes tomorrow (20th). It will probably take them a week or so after that to get their ducks in a row...
  3. tomyum

    tomyum New commenter

    Thanks - I heard back about 30mins after posting earlier!
  4. AdminSucks

    AdminSucks New commenter

    Lots have things have changed in Indonesia and it is become increasingly clear they don't really want foreign workers here. They almost brought in a need for all expats to speak 'Bahasa' but dropped that after protests from local employers but did bring in a requirement for all salaries to be paid in 'Rupiah'.

    Enjoy the traffic.
  5. mikemcdonald25

    mikemcdonald25 Occasional commenter

    They tried something like that in Malaysia under Dr Mahathir some years ago, they stopped the use of English in Maths, Science and IT classes and made Bahasa Melayu compulsory. The drop in international competitiveness shocked them so much that the whole plan was scrapped a couple of years later.

    It could come back to bite the in a similar way in Indonesia.

    Then their was/is the Bantleman case

    "Critics say the trial was a sham aimed at closing the school"

    As Adminsucks says things have changed in Indonesia, BSJ was one of the best schools in Asia at one time, not so sure these days.
  6. Mr robinson

    Mr robinson New commenter

    Things not changed too much- still one of the best in Asia. It has just won a major TES award. Best International School- beating off some pretty stiff competition. Packages have been cut a little , but in terms of savings potential I can't think of anywhere better. However work-shy need not apply - workloads and expectations of SLT and parents are huge.
  7. TimeBomb2015

    TimeBomb2015 Occasional commenter

    But has it won anything worthwhile? Most prosecuted staff awards, for example? Best career ending move 2014-15?
    One can smell the deceit of a current SLT from 10 miles away, in the same way Malaysians can smell the stench of Indonesian fires. Once upon a time the school was outstanding and a genuine world beater. Now it's barge pole stuff and fairy tales about current status should be treated with caution.
  8. Mr robinson

    Mr robinson New commenter

    Prosecutions? I can't think of anyone prosecuted from the UK school. "Other school" in JK- staff falsely imprisoned have now been cleared, and that was horrible and did make many people think about not coming to JK.
    Jakarta is not like Singapore- but I am glad it isn't sanitised Asia.
    And by the way I'm not SLT at all - but I am a parent at the school, and my kid loves the school.
  9. TimeBomb2015

    TimeBomb2015 Occasional commenter

    HAHA, since when has this been a parent forum. Pull the other one. As we don't name schools here, I don't know which school you're referring to. I do know that expat teachers spent a long time in Jail in Jakarta.

    I know many people who won't go near Jakarta because of what happened.
  10. TimeBomb2015

    TimeBomb2015 Occasional commenter

    Latest news on the teacher: prosecutors are preparing for a retrial - he may end up back in Jail, but as it is he isn't allowed to leave Jakarta.

    Lovely parents they have there, not.
  11. tomyum

    tomyum New commenter

    My god, what a lot of bile and froth there is on this forum these days.

    Thanks for (some of) the responses. I was only asking about interview dates.
  12. TimeBomb2015

    TimeBomb2015 Occasional commenter

    No there isn't. Don't exaggerate.
    If you were referencing a specific school, you were breaking the rules.
    if you referring to a general international school in jakarta, the most well known is now to be avoided, unless you know the risks and are happy to put your life in the hands of a corrupt judicial system and risk loosing your liberty for 18 months+
  13. tomyum

    tomyum New commenter

    The tone of posts I have read on this particular forum in the last two weeks or so has definitely changed for the worse since I was last here a few years ago. My opinion.

    I was being no more specific re: schools in Jakarta than you have been in this thread.

    I repeat my last post: I was only asking about interview dates for Jakarta, not for gossip about news stories or traffic problems, all of which can be easily googled, read through and weighed in the balance by anyone deciding whether to move to a particular location or not.
  14. the3wordposter

    the3wordposter Occasional commenter

    Opinions are banned.
  15. Syria1

    Syria1 New commenter

    This thread refers to the other main international school, not the school with the court case. However it does give pause to consider that in that case it was a concerted effort to keep two innocent men in jail and to cover up a suicide by a cleaner in police custody at the time. It took a long time to resolve and it is not over yet. On the TES award - that came due to a shantytown mini school the school has set up and has been running for some time now - a very good project indeed, and an example of a practical approach to challenge marginalization.
  16. TimeBomb2015

    TimeBomb2015 Occasional commenter

    1. You can't have been here a few years ago and think things are worse for bile. More bile five years ago than now.
    2. You do not own a thread. Once you start one you have to accept what others post; only the mighty mods - who for some unknown reason have not banned me - can delete, censor or expel. If you mention a location expect people to add their opinion of a place. You may not appreciate it, but the ex-frogs first comments were useful for someone out Jakarta to know. Likewise, someone outside Canada or the circle here may not be aware that teachers are jailed for dubious reasons. It is useful information to decide what to do.
    3. Moaning about the quality of contributions will only lead to contributors making a list of issues you should be aware of when posting here.
    4. New name froggy?
  17. TimeBomb2015

    TimeBomb2015 Occasional commenter

    I'll just add, that what was considered the main international school in the past - certainly when I started on the circuit - was the one with the issues, although that school changed its name. Not being in the place, it may be fair to claim the mantle of 'main international school', but some will disagree.
  18. yasimum

    yasimum New commenter

  19. the3wordposter

    the3wordposter Occasional commenter

    On my third.
    TimeBomb2015 likes this.
  20. yasimum

    yasimum New commenter

    New name, same old ****!

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