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Interviews Glasgow PGDE Primary - anyone got a date yet?

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by peewee1981, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. I don't think can last to mid feb , think going to ring my second choice tomorrow (newman in Birmingham, which I changed as I rang every uni in scotland to see if they would consider me if I was unsuccessful in glasgow, but they all said no that they would have their numbers) newman said they would and wouldn't even take into account that it was my second choice so just want to verify tomorrow .this wait is agonising , I've been checking every 10 mins religiously and don't think I will be able to cope till feb :(.
  2. I also just heard about teach first and schools direct yesterday but it is too late to apply to , wondering Did anyone know about these options?
  3. Still nothing on track this morning... has anyone heard back yet? My interview was 17th December.
  4. Nothing yet I've been checking constantly, this wait would drive you nuts!! Off to
    bed after my busy night shift and hoping I can sleep x
  5. Nothing yet it would seem. It is a very mysterious thing, lol. I might set myself a schedule for checking to avoid any mental illness.
  6. Good idea about a schedule! I literally check every 15 mins or so. Im convinced im not getting a place. I just want to know! Now!
  7. I have resigned myself to believing that I don't have a place to avoid the disappointment. Which I know is hardly logical and based on irrational thoughts of self-doubt but I'm hoping it works.
  8. CalamityKatie

    CalamityKatie New commenter

    There's nowt we can do... no point worrying (easier said than done, I know!).

    I'm working from home today, so I may go slightly made before the day is out...
  9. Lol, if we do get a place it might be too late as we may have gone clinically insane and by which time be unfit to teach!! :) I am going to try really hard not to check until this evening... she says...
  10. I just found this forum. i had my iinterview on 17th dec, the wait has been driving me insane!! I thought we'd hear today or next week at the latest. By mid feb I'd have had a nervous breakdown!
  11. The Catholic Teacher's Certificate is a qualification is to teach RE in a Catholic school.
  12. It might be a central belt thing, certainly. But to put it in context, the Irish diaspora in Scotland sought the help of the Catholic Brotherhood just to recieve an education. They were ostracised and the victim of prejudice in what was a strong Presbyterian Education system. I know this from my own family history as an Irish/Scots person. To look at it in a contemporary setting, choice is choice. There are faith schools all over the world, perhaps there are constraints and demands to teach in such settings, but they have positive effects on the pupils. I know because I found my own Catholic Education a massive success. Moreover, the Catholic Schools in Scotland perform very well and are a credit to the country.
  13. gg8920:, I personally find it staggering how much offense you've taken to a Catholic Teaching Certificate. It's just a certificate to show that you're competent enough to teach RE in Catholic Schools. Just as the PGDE will show we're competent enough to teach in a primary school. It's nothing to get worked up about.
    I hope everyone's enjoying their weekend and not getting too worked up about this wait! The wait is killing me!! Not to worry, back to work tomorrow to get my mind off it for a bit :)
  14. It is understandable that while this country provides catholic government schools that the government makes some provision for providing catholic trained teachers....Glasgow uni being the provider of these teachers. Although it it's a shame that this means for those not intending to take the certificate will have reduced chances of getting a place in Glasgoa uni. however my family live in Oz and my sister receives a catholic education there but most other HIcountries you need to pay private for faith schools, not in Scotland tho which I think is what people need to remember when provisions are made to ensure there is substantial catholic teachers x
  15. CalamityKatie

    CalamityKatie New commenter

    I don't think it's discrimination personally, as it is in Glasgow Uni's remit to provide a certain % of Catholic teachers (plus I'm sure it is a law too?). The faith schools debate is so complicated, I'm for but can understand why some may be against.
  16. CalamityKatie

    CalamityKatie New commenter

    I know people may (or may not) be rejected from
    Glasgow uni for not being Catholic, but they do say on the website that they give preference to those intending to teach in a Catholic school...
  17. How awful is this wait!
  18. Has anyone heard anything yet? I was hoping people would start hearing today.
  19. No still nothing!
  20. Has anyone heard anything on the grapevine? The few of us on here are just a teeny percentage of the folk waiting to hear some news. I need put out my misery! I can't deal with this. As each day passes im convincing myself its bad news.

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