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Interviews Glasgow PGDE Primary - anyone got a date yet?

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by peewee1981, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. Hope so, very nervous , good luck everyone :)
  2. I'M GOING INSANE WAITING! And breathe!
  3. I agree!!!!! Still not heard yet!!!
    Been checking every half hour :(
  4. Its murder! I couldn't help myself. I emailed Vicki Stewart. An out of office reply came back and said the following

    'Please note that at present responses to email enquiries will be delayed as we enter our decision processing time, also from the knock- on effect from xmas holidays and illness.'
  5. I just got a reply. Vicki said applicants will be notified between now and mid February! I waited six weeks to find out I was unsuccessful two years ago. I cant take that wait again. This has been bad enough!
  6. lol! At least you tried! For me even if it is bad news at this point I just want to know...arghhh
  7. Oh god NOOOOOO!! Not another wait!!
  8. Torture, absolute torture. The lead up to the interview was bad enough, this is worse.
  9. I wonder how it works? Do you think they email all the successful candidates first and then the others as they plough through them? If you waited 6 weeks for an unsuccessful decision then is no news bad news? Wish they would just do a round robin phone call.
  10. OMG mid February! I think I may actually die. They must know who is in and who isn't. Why cant they just tell us?!?!
  11. Well last time there were people who got a no right away and a yes right away. I figured I was a borderline score until they finished all interviews and then when they were finished I got a no. I scored 33/36 and the pass mark was 34. But as all the interviews are complete now I dont see how they cant just decide the pass mark and let people know. So annoying!
  12. I didn't even know there was a scoring system. Oh well, I am not confident at all but not knowing is terrible.
  13. CalamityKatie

    CalamityKatie New commenter

    Eugh, it is awful!

    This is my theory... they say between 'now and six weeks' as there is a lot of admin involved, and the six weeks as this is when they'll be told about how many places they can actually offer. According to a document I read (someone posted it on a link ages ago) they have a guaranteed number of places, which is then 'topped up' in February by the government. I think they will tell people who are unsuccessful first, this would give time to have applications sent to another uni. Then they would surely tell successful people... with the 'borderline maybes' waiting until February?
  14. If anyone hears of successful/unsuccessful decisions please put it on here. I wonder if anyone has heard anything yet.
  15. CalamityKatie

    CalamityKatie New commenter

    Obviously this is just my theory, so don't take it as what is actually happening!

    I had another thought... Peewee, you mention the pass mark was 34 out of 36. They must have to consider other factors when offering places too? I personally don't think it will be as cut throat as the top people get in... surely?
  16. Also, how does it go. Will Gttr update first or will the Uni email us? My head's away with it.
  17. CalamityKatie

    CalamityKatie New commenter

    GTTR is supposed to email, but it never emailed me about the interview...

    I would keep an eye on GTTR or wait for an email from the uni!

    I am at home today ill, so trying to occupy myself... :|. I'm allowing myself to check GTTR once every two hours... haven't managed quite yet :p
  18. The lady on the imtervie day said it would simply be the top scorers that would be offered a place. So I guess it is as cut throat as that. If you were a borderline then didnt get an offer your second choice would have started their interview process and so youd miss out. Really unfair.
  19. CalamityKatie

    CalamityKatie New commenter

    What would happen is there were a few people on the same score, but not enough places for them all? They would have to look at your application again... argh, it is stressful!
  20. CalamityKatie

    CalamityKatie New commenter

    Still nothing...!

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